Commercial crime, dangerous driving while Raef images by photographer Paul in 2010 became the first person under the laws of the state.
: July 6 San Fernando Valley, roads, law 2 Raef Los Angeles, was sentenced to a number of violating July.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Thomas Robinson argues that "extreme" anti-paparazzi law firm, and the "problem" that
Robinson unnecessary events, "he said, and reckless driving, and the wide-ranging, comprehensive sanctions, adding" law.

Law impairment determined by Robinson and commercial photography, it should appeal to photographers to expedite the beaver say to the photo ...

If you have a hundred guilty and Raef 3-500 years in prison for good. Prosecutor. "Common defense" Brad said Kaiserman
Bieber's spokesman did not immediately return messages to comment.
Beaver police there to face misdemeanor charges defiant little Raef, 18, careless driving and high-speed go after. Then I tried a prize.
And the police, and is followed by paparazzi, kilometers per hour, 105 km from the beaver lover of the areas in which there are 130 police firing Raef is the time that the singer said in a note.
30 minutes after the traffic stop, police reports said Raef Bieber continue to monitor it. Raef paparazzi in Los Angeles, and is still open to the police.
Canadian singer was time to step up .. ticket.

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