Oscar W. Denver, CO Wedding Photographer sound again and anxious. The debate continues.

He writes:

Each wedding photographer in the USA, manufactured kitsch? So I started into the blogg entry. Now, another argument started between the U.S. wedding photographers: what is beautiful and what a great wedding photos.

Remains strong opinion that is not a good photo, it will not be too memorable, artistic, so beautiful photograph.

I'm a professional photographer, now living in Denver,CO. Sometimes invited to wedding photography is the most diverse U.S. cities from Washington, DC, to San Diego, CA. In my opinion and experience to produce kitsch wedding photographers. The fashion to sunset, sunrise lights on the beach with white rocks, desert, posing in pairs ...

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They say this artistic photography. No and no! It's all full of honey and sugar, not reality.
Let's look at our grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos. Dignity and seriousness.
These pictures of the grandchildren tearfully touched watching after 50-60 years.
The now fashionable kitsch images which are serious emotions after a few years? Nothing but a garden party, like any other.

Dear colleagues may decide you are artists or craftsmen.

Blogger's comment: Dear Oscar! I have repeatedly argued, but your opinion respecting hold. You can understand colleague. Most wedding photographers, the groom and the bride is the wish of the essence, not the wedding photographer. Wake up!
Excuse me if I ask her why and why not to me? How do we choose wedding photographer in the USA?

William B. Boston, MA, professional wedding photographer who is clueless. How to choose a wedding photographer and why the young couple. He asks.

I and my companions, a complete, professional service for your wedding photography and filming.

We undertake studio and nature photography, excellent quality. Previously agreed with the bride and groom, what style, movies they want a conservative, photojournalist, artistic, natural light trained settings.

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Everywhere you go away if you need us.
I do not understand why you do not need the really high-quality service. The young couple is more like the cheap, do not want to artistic quality, careful work. But in my opinion, the work is not worth anything sordid.

Blogger's comment: Dear William! Do you know what your advertising and marketing? If you do not flash do not advertises itself never find customer. Make reference work widely preach, give yourself the way most wedding photographers in the U.S.. Be everywhere. You can find your order. I wish you and your company every success.
Debated again in the U.S. for wedding photographers: beautiful, or good, or art that is a dream factory?

Richard M. From Philadelphia, PA he said:

The couple plan the wedding of your dreams, and images of the day you have to capture the beauty of the experience. My opinion is that every image is so nice to be a lifetime experience. I realize this must idealize the environment, the bride, the groom and even the guests as well.

Oscar B. From Chicago, IL, opinion, however:

If you want a truly memorable wedding picture, you deserve to have someone artistic, someone who is committed to telling the story of your wedding is a new and unique way. Respect for personal authentication by selecting creative wedding photography. I think it just might be really nice, is inventive, but the young beautiful day price represents the way of reality.

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Howard L. Of Davidson, NC says:

You did a beautiful wedding photographs, Davidson, North Carolina. Just twenty miles north from Charlotte.
My opinion: The wedding photographer responsible for giving the best of their knowledge, meet the couple wishes, that they feel good and be happy with the pictures. This is art! The wedding photographer is not itself constituted, but the odd event is logged.

Blogger's comment: I think Howard opinions like this. The photographers who want to take artistic pictures just do not go to wedding photographers! But even argue about this.
Making wedding films in the U.S., only trained professionals!

Patrice D. who runs a wedding film studio in Cleveland, OH. He therefore recommends that you:

Wedding films prepared - atmosphere of joy and happiness to give each creation. For us it is more than work, it is also a hobby and a profession. There are mastered from the cinematographic genre, as it is the style that is best able to deliver and articulate all the things we see, hear, and experience living through a wedding whirl.

Of course it is best pleased when a pair of our personal and tastes even close to where we rotate who is visually-intensive and susceptible to beautiful - because that is exactly what makes a professional look for your wedding cinematographic.
But we know that there are young couples whose tastes are not the same as our taste. They try to convince you what is best for them. Usually succeed.

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Films generally speaking, the important thing - touching, humorous and beautiful - moments are collected in bunches and give it back to a very enjoyable and you can review 20-30 minutes in length. In addition, a so-called 3-5 minutes. Highlights also transfer film, which focuses on the most important moments in a sort of brief summaries, or as preliminary.
The wedding photographers can collaborate across Oh.

Check out our recommendations, I hope convincing!

Blogger's comment: This is very nice. But I ask: what happens if the bride and groom want anything that is opposed to your taste?
Excuse me if I ask? Autumn is why and why not the U.S. photographers summer wedding?Hermione B. in Charlotte, NC provides professional wedding photographer.Spring is slipping away - however, in the autumn, is now much less bottom rainy and cold seasons. In addition, the experience of recent years has shown harm from September and October was the best, mildest time!

2 Colors, decoration, harmonyIs obviously a matter of taste, but this is just probably the colorful season of the year, too - yellow, red, and warm colors make for beautiful scenery and the wedding photos and movies alike. Clearly Respect Decoration is the best choice as vintage weddings, Which already plays a great role in the atmosphere, but since the wedding bunch the decoration Practically everywhere we can use the gray elements - and can even rugastic the classic two-color decoration boldly used Combinations the three colors (eg, yellow-orange-red)!Photography / filming point of view is very popular this fall season, Because You can see a lot of themes in the creative Photographer or filmmaker. The wheat board, squares or parks Provide beautiful backdrop, but the sunlight is softer and friendlier this time of year.Autumn wedding - beautiful colors seen in the photos, however!3 Predictability, honeymoon.Summer wedding than not a rare problem, if you are traveling or holidays Some People Unable to attend the wedding - it's to some extent defines understandable, since in this case the domestic companies to large Proportion of less work there, so it can be taken out of workers' freedom and to plan the vacation as well.

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In the fall, almost all Reduced significantly in the holiday period, so less chance of a counter organization too - and now honeymoon in a great location (Whether domestic or foreign) is also a good chance at a better price book, Because then starts (or Nearing the end) of the low season for tourism.So a lot of arguments in Addition to the fall wedding, but now all of it is Important to Considered Whether you can be in your wedding you can imagine SUCH an environment? If so, you will not be disappointed.

Blogger's comment: Is it really just gives you the colors of autumn. But in the summer, Florida wedding photos Also give a fantastic experience..
All wedding services in one place in Chicago, IL.

Anything, anywhere, anytime! This password Adam B. company of, from Chicago, IL

The studio is available for demanding clients since 2004. Initially, urban and landscape were prepared, and then was replaced after a period of time prompted us to artistic creativity, your specific requirements.

In addition to photography graduation ceremonies and other events more and more importance is given to the wedding, glamor, portrait and family photography.

Our main line, we have extended the design and implementation of creative and artistic - handmade invitations, wedding invitations and decorations. In 2012, finally opened our exclusive studio, where they found a common place for creative professional photography studios, craft workshops and offices ...

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Of the entire organization and photography, filming of Agatha and Lesly Des Moines, IA wedding of doing it. They gratefully thanked: It was a wonderful experience for our wedding, but thanks to you, it will remain eternal monument.

If by chance you can not find what you are looking for or need further information, please contact us. Enjoy browsing!
We do not like cliches wedding photos! Let every individual, the location and the light mood in the U.S.?Patricia P. in Atlanta, GA it was a bride, now young married talks about how much you do not wedding clichés, especially when it comes to photos, and that he could avoid the choice of wedding commonplace pitfalls, I received help from "White Pearl" wedding photo studio, Oklahoma City, OK.

It was the first wedding experience as a flower girl in my aunt when I was only five years old. and even though I was very young, I remember everything. I remember walking down the aisle I dropped white rose petals behind the bride and groom, accompanied by the family. I quickly learned that I do not like this ordinance. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy a traditional wedding, but I have always wanted mine to be different.

I think it really hit me the first time I was a bridesmaid. It was my sister's wedding a few years ago, and I wanted everything to be just perfect, and what bride does not? Except his idea of ​​the "perfect" My idea was boring. He chose the birds nest veil, large church, a landmark hotel reception venue. Her and her husband exchanged the usual "'til death do us part" vow union lit a candle and left the church under a canopy of rice flying Mendelssohn's wedding march sound in the background. She was perfect and she was happy, really. It is only when the pictures came back - all plastic smile seemed forced and present - that I began to look for other ways to make your wedding should not be boring, and my guests.

About that time I saw something known photojournalist's work. Instead of a set of pre-determined poses and forced smiles, the photos really told the whole story. There was one photo in particular that I've seen where the bride and groom do not act like there was a camera there, and they were laughing - and it looked nice, and he looked happy, I mean really happy. I knew it was much closer to what I wanted ....

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Fast forward three years, and now it's my turn to plan the wedding. When it came time to be a photographer, I immediately remembered the wonderful photo. I lived in San Francisco at the time, and a day of happiness in Oklahoma City, but the distance does not matter, I was able to make the best choice for me, "White Pearl". When I talk to Albert W, the leading photographers, I was sure. He is what I need. So understanding and told me that likes to be able to capture the wedding. I was very impressed.

When I look back on my wedding day, I can not help but smile. I do not walk down the aisle in a wedding march, and I do not wear suspenders, I have my own things that I wanted and it was very nice. Albert and I am grateful and happy for a day, I have amazing pictures to prove it. Internationally acclaimed photographer brings unique talents wedding photo journalism, Oklahoma, US States, and around the world. With him is an unforgettable story of every wedding event.
Wedding Photography from Las Vegas, NV. Great experience if everything is perfect.

David B. writes: It was wonderful to shoot our wedding in Nashville, TN.

Joseph is a good friend of mine asked me to shoot in and shoot a wedding in Nashville. Good, I agreed.

No emotion, only that it is a very good friend, Joseph, who excels in the field of wedding photography. He felt that the time had come and experience the feeling of being in front of the camera people lived ...

But right now Joseph missed a perfect something good, because he was one of the witnesses. Therefore, interference was the other side of the camera. That's why I created the ideal creative images.

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In view of the sunset red velvet, all forgotten what the temperature is concerned.

I think every photographer's desire to have such a beautiful light, such beautiful scenery pictures with these beautiful party like Julia R. and Roberth
I had no idea that the heat is terrible you can happily wear when you animate your job.

Blogger's comment: Dear David, in Las Vegas! Wow, so you have to work with enthusiasm and sincerity. I congratulate you!
You have to plan where, when, how? So it will be successful in wedding photography.

Damian S. write me happy, of Atlanta, GA professional wedding photographer:
Julia R. and Peter T. prepare the wedding. They are next to Richmond, VA imagine their wedding. It is good that they invited me to view the site, as you would a garden party.

The ceremonies end.

A wooded path leads guests up to a grassy clearing surrounded by pine trees and wild foliage, magnificent views of the mountains and a national park. A beautiful wall-tents, chairs and a stylish dresser, provides a shady place for wedding guests to gather, take a deep breath (and a sip of champagne!), And wait for the ceremony to begin. The ceremony tiered lawn so that it does not matter the size of the group, everyone will have a fantastic view. The people can not help themselves: they will be thrilled with the location ....

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The stylish ceremony, a lovely short trip will take guests to the reception desk, which is considered a classic white tent in a large meadow. The simple surroundings offer endless gift, so you'll be able to make the space feel like your own. The 40 x 75-foot frame tent, which comes fully installed in the venue hire can be arranged in many ways to be the best for the guest. Small groups find it cozy and intimate, while Group 200, to be perfectly comfortable plenty of room for dancing and mingling.
As the sun goes down, the lights heat up, and the tent will be absolutely magical.

I have been enjoying a photo shoot in advance!
Everyone knows the ekratív the best wedding photography in the U.S..

Joseph B., who is a professional wedding photographer in Cincinnati, OH said:

Creative Wedding photography the best.

The wedding photography, take a photo every 60 to 100 wedding. Our range of wedding albums vary in price than what you can choose from 5 different albums: Standard Black Tie Album Album Album Celtic Royal Wedding Album Book Package Each album is as follows: each album consists of 24 (10x8) pictures. More pictures can be ordered needed. Prior to the wedding we buy an engagement portrait photography and consultation to ensure that the specific requirements and style can be achieved on the day. The reservation deposit is required to secure your date.

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Blogger's comment: Well, I do not understand anything about this. But he respects.
Confess to come to the U.S. for wedding photographers. So why not?

Emanuel P and his studio himself from Spokane, WA.

The studio is available for demanding clients since 2009. Urban initial image has been replaced by time pursuing specific requirements of artistic creativity. We came from Slovakia, but we are real Americans.

In addition to photography graduation ceremonies and other events more and more importance is given to the wedding, glamor, portrait and family photography. Our main line, we have extended the design and implementation of creative and artistic - handmade invitations, wedding invitations and decorations. In 2012, finally opened an exclusive studio, where they found a common place for creative professional photography studios, craft workshops and offices.

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If by chance you can not find what you are looking for or need further information, please contact us. enjoy your stay.

Blogger's comment: Actually, everyone came from somewhere, do not you?
The player who brave! Go for beginner wedding photographers in the U.S.
 Virginia H. and the company recently started operations in San Francisco, CA.He writes with confidence:

Theme: we care about the bride and groom look like the photos very much. Therefore, I recommend:New developments in non-surgical cosmetic procedures refreshes the skin, not just for the big day, but the long-term (think non-stop honeymoon light).

In the past, brides have used make-up to the illusion of increased volume covers the face and skin pigment imperfections and wrinkles. The new technology corrects the cosmetic procedure industry these concerns for personalized treatment. Making the Most of these treatments means that brides do not have to rely on make-up to achieve a natural, radiant glow brighter and of course the big day and beyond ...

While much of the concern is cosmetic skin peels may conjure up images of Sex and the City Samantha left red-faced about an important event in modern skin peels are safe, painless and leaves skin looking fresh and radiant.A subtle facial treatment, light exfoliation technique that rejuvenates and deeply cleanses the skin with a device similar to a vacuum cleaner to remove the outer layer of skin, called the stratum corneum. To treat skin problems such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, only a few hours a slight facial flushing side effect.

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But what about the boys? Popular among treatments for skin resurfacing groom wrinkle injections and laser hair removal.Attaining the desired natural light do not have a stressful experience, it's all in the planning and early implementation. Since many of these procedures show the best results with multiple treatments, the treatment time from start of the wedding design ideal.

Blogger's comment: I deliberately deleted the companies indicated by you. This is not a place for advertising! Otherwise, you're right, every bride and groom to show the beautiful face.
This is an exaggeration! There is no such wedding photographers in the U.S.

Igor H. so that advertises itself as "wedding photographer".

I and my companions in Atlanta, GA works.

We come from afar, from Europe. I love living here, people like us, I love them. There are many beautiful wedding photographing and filming us.

This is confirmed by Monica and Fred W. in Cleveland, OH. They felt themselves very well in wedding photography, open to all folly ...

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Selection of services:
Wedding pictures, videos, alternative child photography, boards, bulletins, reports and photography, portrait, nude, model, photography, drawing, books, reproduction of the highest quality enlargements - up to life size. Let us live happily and relaxed! These passwords.

Blogger's comment: Dear friend, Igor! Is what you're doing is not wedding photography. But there is nothing wrong if the customer so requests.
Happy bride and groom happy and blissful wedding photographer from the U.S.!

 Roberth F. Dallas, TX Photographer, pleased write to us:

I am a very happy man - my job is my hobby and I love what I do. I also love meeting people. I have a very good Following with the people who have trusted me and their references are readily available. I am a non-intrusive Photographer who has a different angle on personal photography to the normal.

My work takes me to all parts of the U.S.. and there is no limit to how far I will travel to take your pictures.

Have fun and do get in touch if you want to!
Wedding Photographer

My specialist natural, reportage-style wedding photography records every moment of the whole day. Whilst some couples and guests may feel Uneasy with the Photographer intruding into what is of course a private event, I take great care to stay in the background. One of the now common pieces of praise I get is a big thank you for not getting in the way or being too bossy ...

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For me, the most important of the bride and groom's wishes. I know that the bride chooses.

I will take pictures throughout the celebration Distracting without using a flash light, making everyone feel relaxed. This results in the photographs having a beautiful clarity of quality and natural feel to Them as They are often's taken without the wedding guests or family members Knowing the camera is pointing at Them. My full wedding service includes unlimited taking pictures, proofing of images is Normally within 7 days, (but in the height of summer it will take a bit longer), and includes a disc containing HD The entire set of proofs for your unlimited use. Traditional Crystal Fujichrome prints on paper, albums, picture blocks.
I'm the best wedding photographer from the U.S.! Every photographer says it's true.

Priscilla C. write to me very proud:

I and my companions in Atlanta, GA work, but we take a job in the nearby U.S. states.

I am known photojournalists in Georgia, in Richmond, VA but. I gained a name for myself that I consistently produce creative images that exceed the standards of different customers. The thirty years of experience in the capture weddings across six continents, a unique brand of wedding photography collected for the international audience.

He started as a true to my mission: to create a lasting visual memory of a beautiful and unique weddings, and producing remarkable images young that they cherish for a lifetime.
Recently, the team headed south hills of North Carolina to cover a wedding a beautiful college town, just north of the city of Charlotte. Instead of staying in the city, the team headed to the scenic region. I have a feeling that part of the country that all its own, unique and perfect hospitality and beauty.

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Now it is summer in the south is less dramatic than in the North, but that is just beautiful. The foliage sweeps over the low hills. The ideal wedding photography background only person you can find.
It's a chance for the bride and groom to take flight is a breathtaking place and say "I do" in a beautiful location. As a wedding photographer, destination wedding in also see extraordinary opportunities.

Still, many photographers missing an opportunity. Why? The answer is simple: because lack of experience.

Blogger's comment: Dear Priscilla! You are right. You're the best, every wedding photographer in the US.!

Ordering wedding pictures at the last minute in Louisville!

Kevin P. From Louisville, KY writes of the company:

The members of the "White Pearl Wedding Photography" Photographer of three companies and three assistants.

We have found that in recent times engaged couples suddenly decide the wedding at the last minute to decide and nervously looking for wedding photographers whose.

Capture your most precious memories of your wedding day, when requested by the wedding photography services are available in "White Pearl" class.

You can always count on the talented photographers to snap beautiful, emotional and photojournalistic images to life. When prompted for wedding photography service, we will sign us the bride's house about an hour before the wedding to snap a few photos to make while you prepare for the ceremony ...

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All packages can be customized to meet you specific needs. Budget packages. Our wedding photographers are the best in the wedding industry, so you can always count on us to have a diverse photojournalistic chronicle of their wedding day. Each choice is a great choice, "White Pearl". We are fast, accurate and inexpensive ...

The blogger comments: I prefer the longer preparation, like a mutual understanding. Cheap meat dilute the juice, as my grandmother used to say.
Wedding photographers in the USA. Anything, anywhere, anytime?

Victor O. writes enthusiastically of Charlotte, NC.

My name is Victor Orban, Chicago, IL wedding photography and video work for my company.
I'll help you capture the fleeting moment in the holiday mood for years to be able to recall or typical picture of you, the great lives and events from Alaska to New Mexico. Interest and feel free to call!

As an experienced, knowledgeable cameraman and my cutter tastefully design the following events Filming and Photography:
Wedding, Engagement
Preschool and school celebrations
• Other Family Events
• Corporate events and conferences
Portfolio, reference film.

A professional film making, digital camera and a Sony 3CCD digital post production studio I use. It is possible to use standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. The photos from your digital camera Panasonic prepare.

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 In photography, focusing capture spontaneous events, but of course, important to prepare a formal set pictures as well.
  The finished material on DVD or VHS or DV cassette transporter. as requested.

Blogger's comment: I do not know why, but this came to mind: How do you explain - questioning a divorce lawyer at the hearing, the husband - not talking to his wife of five years?
- I did not want to cut him off.
Romantic or realist wedding photographs in the U.S.. There is a conflict?

Gabriel T. in Cincinnati, OH.

Lately I noticed that wedding photographers are debating. What is better? Whether it's wedding photos and video dream factory, or a real recording of events.

My opinion: The wedding photography and video of a need to have the bride and groom are the best.
I am especially wedding video, but my colleagues and also prepare the organization undertake professional wedding photography as well.

What happens to all of you that have been released, filming it:
so far as did you,
as others see,
dress up
church and civil ceremonies,
wedding and revelry until dawn, etc..

What you also need to be looked at:
Wedding dress or wedding dress, love messages, wedding invitations, decorations, dresses, clothes, music, wedding photos, photos, photography, photography and video, music, wedding customs, wedding fashion, gifts, bouquet, cake, menu, venue, wedding album, a church wedding, wedding planning, wedding quotes.

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Recently in Atlanta, GA We worked with Tisha és Robert's wedding. They were thanked for our work:
Dear Gabriel ! It was all very beautiful, we are satisfied with everything! Thank you and your teammates!

Blogger's comment: Yes, is the romantic wedding photography and cinematography. But realism is not credible without the romance!
A very enthusiastic and creative professional wedding photographer from Savannah, GA says:

Jason L. Savannah, GA. He has 25 years of professional wedding photographer he is opinion:

The wedding photography of a wedding is probably making the creative photo set is the biggest challenge and the most important moments as well. On the occasion of so many personal meetings, the question arises that how worthy it all built in?
Here are some important considerations you should take into consideration:

Lights - or the essence of wedding photography.This is probably the most important part of the point of view Photographer: essentially in the morning or in the late afternoon period to give the best light (and here you are talking about when it is daylight) - This summer, typically 17-19 hours, the most perfect landscape. Why is this important? Well the day is not artificially cloned a beautiful golden color that is when the light source is "angle" is just right to make the best possible results in addition.The natural golden sunlight can make you more beautiful wedding pictures are.

Appointment.Word has been said about when would be the best prepared in the creative wedding pictures, but other aspects of interest to date, not "only" because of the lights - this is the tension / excitement factor. It makes sense that before the ordinance is more tense pairs like then - and this is seen in the photos.We should also mention the period to be covered, because it does not matter how much time you want or need to bring creative wedding photos. Generally speaking, most can be prepared in sufficient quantity and quality images under two hours, which is not even wearing a pair, but the wedding photographer is sufficiently inspired. Of course, this bride and groom hanging, there are those who tirelessly, but there is a man who, after the first 30 minutes, I can not.

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Where, where? The location.In the first round of the places you should consider the style - dilapidated factory building or beach, mountain, luxury vacation home? Pending a taste thing, but standing in a park bench can be inspiring wedding photos. However, we must also think that due to a variety of topics, so you might want to think about 2-3 places - one of which is indoor space can be up to you, as you can in a shower of rain, which can wash away the shooting. Although brides are sure that their wedding day will never rains!

Other ideas and tips. I suggested Moira and Philip Wedding Photography, Baltimore, MD. I must say, very well done.Although at first may seem difficult, since most couples are not used for photography, but I always recommend, try to relax, deal with each other in the photography - always give proper instructions, but while you have another're busy, much less feel and embarrassed of the situation and even more will come out of your personality in the photos. For this reason, we recommend also engaged photo shoot before the wedding, because there is a chance to get to know, so there will be less alien to you the same day.