We do not like cliches wedding photos! Let every individual, the location and the light mood in the U.S.?Patricia P. in Atlanta, GA it was a bride, now young married talks about how much you do not wedding clichés, especially when it comes to photos, and that he could avoid the choice of wedding commonplace pitfalls, I received help from "White Pearl" wedding photo studio, Oklahoma City, OK.

It was the first wedding experience as a flower girl in my aunt when I was only five years old. and even though I was very young, I remember everything. I remember walking down the aisle I dropped white rose petals behind the bride and groom, accompanied by the family. I quickly learned that I do not like this ordinance. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy a traditional wedding, but I have always wanted mine to be different.

I think it really hit me the first time I was a bridesmaid. It was my sister's wedding a few years ago, and I wanted everything to be just perfect, and what bride does not? Except his idea of ​​the "perfect" My idea was boring. He chose the birds nest veil, large church, a landmark hotel reception venue. Her and her husband exchanged the usual "'til death do us part" vow union lit a candle and left the church under a canopy of rice flying Mendelssohn's wedding march sound in the background. She was perfect and she was happy, really. It is only when the pictures came back - all plastic smile seemed forced and present - that I began to look for other ways to make your wedding should not be boring, and my guests.

About that time I saw something known photojournalist's work. Instead of a set of pre-determined poses and forced smiles, the photos really told the whole story. There was one photo in particular that I've seen where the bride and groom do not act like there was a camera there, and they were laughing - and it looked nice, and he looked happy, I mean really happy. I knew it was much closer to what I wanted ....

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Fast forward three years, and now it's my turn to plan the wedding. When it came time to be a photographer, I immediately remembered the wonderful photo. I lived in San Francisco at the time, and a day of happiness in Oklahoma City, but the distance does not matter, I was able to make the best choice for me, "White Pearl". When I talk to Albert W, the leading photographers, I was sure. He is what I need. So understanding and told me that likes to be able to capture the wedding. I was very impressed.

When I look back on my wedding day, I can not help but smile. I do not walk down the aisle in a wedding march, and I do not wear suspenders, I have my own things that I wanted and it was very nice. Albert and I am grateful and happy for a day, I have amazing pictures to prove it. Internationally acclaimed photographer brings unique talents wedding photo journalism, Oklahoma, US States, and around the world. With him is an unforgettable story of every wedding event.