Romantic or realist wedding photographs in the U.S.. There is a conflict?

Gabriel T. in Cincinnati, OH.

Lately I noticed that wedding photographers are debating. What is better? Whether it's wedding photos and video dream factory, or a real recording of events.

My opinion: The wedding photography and video of a need to have the bride and groom are the best.
I am especially wedding video, but my colleagues and also prepare the organization undertake professional wedding photography as well.

What happens to all of you that have been released, filming it:
so far as did you,
as others see,
dress up
church and civil ceremonies,
wedding and revelry until dawn, etc..

What you also need to be looked at:
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Recently in Atlanta, GA We worked with Tisha és Robert's wedding. They were thanked for our work:
Dear Gabriel ! It was all very beautiful, we are satisfied with everything! Thank you and your teammates!

Blogger's comment: Yes, is the romantic wedding photography and cinematography. But realism is not credible without the romance!