A very enthusiastic and creative professional wedding photographer from Savannah, GA says:

Jason L. Savannah, GA. He has 25 years of professional wedding photographer he is opinion:

The wedding photography of a wedding is probably making the creative photo set is the biggest challenge and the most important moments as well. On the occasion of so many personal meetings, the question arises that how worthy it all built in?
Here are some important considerations you should take into consideration:

Lights - or the essence of wedding photography.This is probably the most important part of the point of view Photographer: essentially in the morning or in the late afternoon period to give the best light (and here you are talking about when it is daylight) - This summer, typically 17-19 hours, the most perfect landscape. Why is this important? Well the day is not artificially cloned a beautiful golden color that is when the light source is "angle" is just right to make the best possible results in addition.The natural golden sunlight can make you more beautiful wedding pictures are.

Appointment.Word has been said about when would be the best prepared in the creative wedding pictures, but other aspects of interest to date, not "only" because of the lights - this is the tension / excitement factor. It makes sense that before the ordinance is more tense pairs like then - and this is seen in the photos.We should also mention the period to be covered, because it does not matter how much time you want or need to bring creative wedding photos. Generally speaking, most can be prepared in sufficient quantity and quality images under two hours, which is not even wearing a pair, but the wedding photographer is sufficiently inspired. Of course, this bride and groom hanging, there are those who tirelessly, but there is a man who, after the first 30 minutes, I can not.

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Where, where? The location.In the first round of the places you should consider the style - dilapidated factory building or beach, mountain, luxury vacation home? Pending a taste thing, but standing in a park bench can be inspiring wedding photos. However, we must also think that due to a variety of topics, so you might want to think about 2-3 places - one of which is indoor space can be up to you, as you can in a shower of rain, which can wash away the shooting. Although brides are sure that their wedding day will never rains!

Other ideas and tips. I suggested Moira and Philip Wedding Photography, Baltimore, MD. I must say, very well done.Although at first may seem difficult, since most couples are not used for photography, but I always recommend, try to relax, deal with each other in the photography - always give proper instructions, but while you have another're busy, much less feel and embarrassed of the situation and even more will come out of your personality in the photos. For this reason, we recommend also engaged photo shoot before the wedding, because there is a chance to get to know, so there will be less alien to you the same day.