Nice summer day in Florida. Everyone dreams of wedding photography.

Susanne B.of Miami, FL wedding photographer working experiences:

I think in every wedding photographer and bride, groom dream of a wonderful photography of the Florida coast, a beautiful summer day, sunny, beautiful light and shadows, the background of the ocean.

In the experience I had recently Vivien C. and Bryan M. Wedding Photography in Miami.

We started the morning sun rises due beach in front of sparkling waves, set a pose. Occurred after the wedding ceremony, which was ornamental and ceremonial. Dignified and serious image was made​​.

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The following was released and there was a joyous dinner, great music, great food, drinks, served with. It was a garden party where everyone felt like heaven, there I am.

Thank you for the experience of the beautiful bride and bridegroom fair.

I wish my colleagues every wedding photographer, shooting such a joy.