Excuse me if I ask? Autumn is why and why not the U.S. photographers summer wedding?Hermione B. in Charlotte, NC provides professional wedding photographer.Spring is slipping away - however, in the autumn, is now much less bottom rainy and cold seasons. In addition, the experience of recent years has shown harm from September and October was the best, mildest time!

2 Colors, decoration, harmonyIs obviously a matter of taste, but this is just probably the colorful season of the year, too - yellow, red, and warm colors make for beautiful scenery and the wedding photos and movies alike. Clearly Respect Decoration is the best choice as vintage weddings, Which already plays a great role in the atmosphere, but since the wedding bunch the decoration Practically everywhere we can use the gray elements - and can even rugastic the classic two-color decoration boldly used Combinations the three colors (eg, yellow-orange-red)!Photography / filming point of view is very popular this fall season, Because You can see a lot of themes in the creative Photographer or filmmaker. The wheat board, squares or parks Provide beautiful backdrop, but the sunlight is softer and friendlier this time of year.Autumn wedding - beautiful colors seen in the photos, however!3 Predictability, honeymoon.Summer wedding than not a rare problem, if you are traveling or holidays Some People Unable to attend the wedding - it's to some extent defines understandable, since in this case the domestic companies to large Proportion of less work there, so it can be taken out of workers' freedom and to plan the vacation as well.

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In the fall, almost all Reduced significantly in the holiday period, so less chance of a counter organization too - and now honeymoon in a great location (Whether domestic or foreign) is also a good chance at a better price book, Because then starts (or Nearing the end) of the low season for tourism.So a lot of arguments in Addition to the fall wedding, but now all of it is Important to Considered Whether you can be in your wedding you can imagine SUCH an environment? If so, you will not be disappointed.

Blogger's comment: Is it really just gives you the colors of autumn. But in the summer, Florida wedding photos Also give a fantastic experience..