Excuse me if I ask her why and why not to me? How do we choose wedding photographer in the USA?

William B. Boston, MA, professional wedding photographer who is clueless. How to choose a wedding photographer and why the young couple. He asks.

I and my companions, a complete, professional service for your wedding photography and filming.

We undertake studio and nature photography, excellent quality. Previously agreed with the bride and groom, what style, movies they want a conservative, photojournalist, artistic, natural light trained settings.

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Everywhere you go away if you need us.
I do not understand why you do not need the really high-quality service. The young couple is more like the cheap, do not want to artistic quality, careful work. But in my opinion, the work is not worth anything sordid.

Blogger's comment: Dear William! Do you know what your advertising and marketing? If you do not flash do not advertises itself never find customer. Make reference work widely preach, give yourself the way most wedding photographers in the U.S.. Be everywhere. You can find your order. I wish you and your company every success.