Debated again in the U.S. for wedding photographers: beautiful, or good, or art that is a dream factory?

Richard M. From Philadelphia, PA he said:

The couple plan the wedding of your dreams, and images of the day you have to capture the beauty of the experience. My opinion is that every image is so nice to be a lifetime experience. I realize this must idealize the environment, the bride, the groom and even the guests as well.

Oscar B. From Chicago, IL, opinion, however:

If you want a truly memorable wedding picture, you deserve to have someone artistic, someone who is committed to telling the story of your wedding is a new and unique way. Respect for personal authentication by selecting creative wedding photography. I think it just might be really nice, is inventive, but the young beautiful day price represents the way of reality.

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Howard L. Of Davidson, NC says:

You did a beautiful wedding photographs, Davidson, North Carolina. Just twenty miles north from Charlotte.
My opinion: The wedding photographer responsible for giving the best of their knowledge, meet the couple wishes, that they feel good and be happy with the pictures. This is art! The wedding photographer is not itself constituted, but the odd event is logged.

Blogger's comment: I think Howard opinions like this. The photographers who want to take artistic pictures just do not go to wedding photographers! But even argue about this.