Wedding photographers in the USA. Anything, anywhere, anytime?

Victor O. writes enthusiastically of Charlotte, NC.

My name is Victor Orban, Chicago, IL wedding photography and video work for my company.
I'll help you capture the fleeting moment in the holiday mood for years to be able to recall or typical picture of you, the great lives and events from Alaska to New Mexico. Interest and feel free to call!

As an experienced, knowledgeable cameraman and my cutter tastefully design the following events Filming and Photography:
Wedding, Engagement
Preschool and school celebrations
• Other Family Events
• Corporate events and conferences
Portfolio, reference film.

A professional film making, digital camera and a Sony 3CCD digital post production studio I use. It is possible to use standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. The photos from your digital camera Panasonic prepare.

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 In photography, focusing capture spontaneous events, but of course, important to prepare a formal set pictures as well.
  The finished material on DVD or VHS or DV cassette transporter. as requested.

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