Hooray on vacation in Chicago, IL. While wedding photography.

Emily W. professional wedding photographer studio is managed in Philadelphia, PA.
We are proud to inform us.

I offer a very affordable Barbara P. and Johanes B. (Seattle, WA). Travel to Chicago because they want to be there for their wedding, of course, the photography and filming is done on the spot. Studie gladly undertook the task.

We arrived two days before the wedding in the city, an area also visited and had previously brilliant photos and movies made ​​me and my colleagues.

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In the meantime, however, not only the bride and groom, but I and my colleagues also brilliantly We felt rested and also having fun with the young couple. Know each other so well. Therefore, the wedding pictures and movies fared very well, but in person the groom and the bride made ​​beautiful period of life.

It is a testimony that you made ​​really good pictures and movies, where the customer and the wedding photographer to know each other: Who are you, what is the most beautiful face?

Moreover, Chicago is an exciting and busy city with many hidden beauty. You're welcome return, feel free to call me!