I'm the best wedding photographer from the U.S.! Every photographer says it's true.

Priscilla C. write to me very proud:

I and my companions in Atlanta, GA work, but we take a job in the nearby U.S. states.

I am known photojournalists in Georgia, in Richmond, VA but. I gained a name for myself that I consistently produce creative images that exceed the standards of different customers. The thirty years of experience in the capture weddings across six continents, a unique brand of wedding photography collected for the international audience.

He started as a true to my mission: to create a lasting visual memory of a beautiful and unique weddings, and producing remarkable images young that they cherish for a lifetime.
Recently, the team headed south hills of North Carolina to cover a wedding a beautiful college town, just north of the city of Charlotte. Instead of staying in the city, the team headed to the scenic region. I have a feeling that part of the country that all its own, unique and perfect hospitality and beauty.

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Now it is summer in the south is less dramatic than in the North, but that is just beautiful. The foliage sweeps over the low hills. The ideal wedding photography background only person you can find.
It's a chance for the bride and groom to take flight is a breathtaking place and say "I do" in a beautiful location. As a wedding photographer, destination wedding in also see extraordinary opportunities.

Still, many photographers missing an opportunity. Why? The answer is simple: because lack of experience.

Blogger's comment: Dear Priscilla! You are right. You're the best, every wedding photographer in the US.!