Snow covers the Cloud Gate in Chicago IL. Ideal for shooting locations.

Amanda L. write in Madison, WI.

According to critics, the transition between worlds, symbolizing the tourists by Anish Kapoor bean plants shiny, shiny mirror-surface of location is also ideal for shooting. How will Chicago's most famous sculptures in the winter, after the overthrow of the city's 1935 snow wage records.

I see cracked the eggs like the Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor works in Chicago, the Millennium Park. See what it looks like in the winter and in the summer the Indian-born British artist statue, which is the best public art works to be among the number. Amazing photography possible ...

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I'm planning to Madison with a photo of their art exhibition in April, Wisconsin with my friends. They are David B. and Daniel G. Chicago and Madison.

The exhibition of the most beautiful nature photos and wedding photos we show you. Have you been negotiations and city officials support the plan.

The surrounding states, including Illinois also welcome work of arts.

I hope you will have success.
An enthusiastic beginner in Florida wedding photographer.

Eve T. who is living in San Francisco, writes:

I was Andreas S. During school (Santa Monica), which defined the last pictures, and a whole new style of my creative photography, the participants in eternal friendship.

This year, changes in photography, my little my needs fulfilled the interview-like images (fotojurnalist), which is much more work, but much more pleasure when I see the final product.

With all one' s might brightness completely switched to fixed optics. So "labbzoom" always in all circumstances. The plus traveled, make up the images on the monitor in front. Nothing can not be compared to the quality.

I started shooting in the studio, which is not only a studio pictures, girls, ladies, kids shooting virtually anywhere.

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Anticipated, exciting year of our will. The wedding has been committed and exciting look. The sites are so creative daring places too. But this will, once completed, will surely post a few lines polyols. We will not be bored for sure. We are learning and developing ourselves.

I'm happy for your success Eve, but the spring has come! I was buried in the snow here in Florida. Help!
The wedding photographer to capture the beauty of Yosemite National Park is spectacular .

Muriel D. (California) by taking photographs of their wedding.

The most popular natural attractions in the world and from every angle, there are many mountains and rivers, most people experience in a lifetime.

Over time, the amazing four-minute video - but fortunately for those who can not afford to buy it, the two managed to capture the beauty of Yosemite National Park.

A beautiful alien landscape: image ...

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Photographer Robert S.  and Norman W. Yosemite HD uploaded to video sharing website YouTube footage of shooting at the park for 19 days.

They have an incredible work they do not feel as if it is a nice clip of the nearly three million views.
Canon L and Zeiss CP2 lenses on Canon 5D Mark II has a variety of shots - and the number of animals braved the elements 3080.74 miles.

Thank you for truly professional wedding photographers experience.
Digital wedding photography in the U.S.. Tell a Friend!

"Shadow and Light" Photography Amanda W. (Baltimore). He is a veteran wedding photographer offers digital photography classes Studio Amanda Heros Road begins on March 2, Saturday.

Michael A. in Maryland freelance photographer, has extensive experience in photojournalism and commercial, wedding, portrait and art photography. He received many awards for professional organizations such as the Photographers Association, the Florida Press Association and the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association.

He has worked at The Miami Herald, The Vero Beach Press-Journal, The News-Journal and The Delaware State News, and her work has been other magazines.

In addition, he taught photography at Wesley College in addition to teaching.

She offers courses for students photo recording signal, especially in basic and advanced techniques of digital photography. Instruction includes the proper exposure using the camera's shutter speed and f-stop, and the art of editing. Students will learn how to best edit your photos in a photo of what a great view. Each course includes two studio and three outdoor classroom sessions.

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The conclusion of the course, students will present an exhibition of the best photographs of the community will be public.

The tuition may be interested in Michael blogger.For Baltimore on the other hand Amanda's studio.
Such is the wedding photographers in. Shame!

Atlanta criminal Walter D. wedding photographer resistance. He pleaded guilty. The court ruled that thousands of dollars were transferred from customers, but not taken pictures.

Walter was sentenced to eight years in prison for these charges and previous events, including fraud and theft. He was accused of over 9,000 dollars for customers that produce images on various weddings ....

He calls his sentence suspended for a probationary period, and the Commonwealth has decided not to oppose it. As part of this, however, obliged to compensate the damage.

Warning! Alaska to Florida we trust only reliable wedding photographers, who have relevant information.

Reassuring everyone, this case is not at all typical of the U.S..

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The Mail on wedding photography in the U.S. is difficult to Saturday.

Al B. wrote to me from Chicago. Complaint, the weekend checked mails do not reach the finish line. Why, I ask.

The Saturday service at the end of a bad omen, said: "This will start a downward spiral I shrink from the service with anything. I can not believe the American public is ready to put an end to something that's been with us since the beginning of this nation. '

Before actually Ben Franklin was appointed the first postmaster, in 1775, the second Continental Congress.

Now, at the end of Saturday delivery may be the single biggest retreat even from the level of the postal service that generations of Americans have become accustomed.

"I do not see a huge practical consequences, but also a symbolic move, I can not think of anything else like this," said David, a Detroit professor who has studied the history of the postal service, and in his youth worked on vacation is a post office in his hometown of Detroit.

Saturday mail service has been dropped, in other countries, and that life on this day will go without the United States?

But it's a little weird to come home in the afternoon run in the park or exercise in the gym and hope to any mail - the financial statements, whether an account - waiting for him.

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Such is life in the digital age. The Fort Collins, Colorado, Hanah Riche, who identified himself as a 37-year-hats custom pin maker relies on the internet for routine correspondence once conveyed by mail.

"I say, give them a good day," said the letter carriers (most of them had murder in their reaction to the day's news.) "Man is still five days."

Contributing: David D, Greenville (SC) News. The wedding preparations are not only people five days a week, but also requires the weekend.
Another disaster in the U.S.? Not happen weddings.

Damien mean in Dallas:

Lightning and snow storms Paralyzed traffic in the United States on Thursday in the central region. The judgmen-time of about 60 million people in 20 States, with almost 2 million square kilometers.
In many places in the area remaind closed to public offices and schools.

Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois, now dressed in white. Dodge City, Kansas Board of around 46 inches of snow. Jay Nixon, Missouri governor of the state of emergency in the 25-inch, sloppy snow cover.

Emergency is in Kansas City, Missouri, where the airport was closed in 1912 not seen since the snow storm intensity, Which is 30 inches of Precipitation can. Military flights been canceled in St. Louis, Dallas / Fort Worth, Chicago and Denver are the airports. A thin layer of snow Has Been Reported in Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California Deserts as well ...

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While the snow storm in the North-North and South Dakota are heading south, Arkansas and Missouri icy, sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms with Tornadoes embittered the lives of local people. The Torrential Rains will continue on Friday.

The judgment on the number of traffic accidents Caused by an Oklahoma teenager were killed. North of Arkansas School Bus slides off the road, Three Injured students.

I apologize that i am not writing today is wedding photography. I Understand the anxiety.
There is no black and white wedding photography in the U.S.

Edward S. says Baltimore (Maryland):

There was a time when I thought exactly the same way: I never take pictures in black and white, not my thing. That said, once, a long time ago he even admitted that the digital images do not change. These principles, once confidence is now gone.

Experimentation born and move forward! I admit is very fond of black and white photos. But the colors are kept close to my friendship, and sometimes a decisive point in the color scheme aims to ensure that the image of the observer heart!

Well, Oscar W. (Florida) has been said, all of the wedding photos trash can comment rating opinion has only just be myself no space ...

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Mary Anne D. Houston writes:

This year has been a lot of preparation or wedding series too! They met fantastic people, thank you. I can not get enough of the experience when I listen to two people, enjoying their confidence, I can be a part of the fun.

All kinds of dogs and cats we had an adventure also Rosalie and Robert W. Denver rushed into the picture when shooting in a mood to make friends dog.

Barbara, San Diego homes for the kittens while shooting me hiding expressed sympathy and gratitude, patience and defies models wore the cameras clicking.

Long live the colors! "Oscar Wilde" has a message for, you are wrong. Which is nice, is not kitsch.

Ps Dear Oscar from California or Florida. If you manage to dig out from under the snow, the answer spoken opinions. I tell you my opinion tomorrow.
Wedding photography new stars in the U.S., Oregon photographers.

Nicole T. in Portland is proud to present:

Perfect for Oregon wedding photographers, most of it looks to industry leaders. As for equipment, a lot of the pictures of today's best equipment money can be obtained.
But that does not necessarily mean a better quality end product.

No matter what style you want, the research results show the Oregon wedding photographers to meet, and probably exceed your needs.

But what if you do not really have the choice of style? What if you want a different one? When the decisions taken by the photographers, Oregon wedding, think about the following. The bride and groom's family determines what they want. Getting Ready for all your needs.

Ps: Congratulations on your wedding photographers in the Oregon. I wish you success! I look forward to new reports.

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Each wedding photographer in the USA, manufactured kitsch?

Surprisingly, I got a message from Atlanta, he is a man called Oscar Wilde.

"I'm a professional photographer, and now I live in Denver. Wedding photography is sometimes called upon to be the most diverse U.S. cities from Washington to San Diego. In my opinion and experience is that of the wedding photographers produced kitsch. The fashion to sunset, sunrise lights, beach, white cliffs, desert, posing in pairs ...

They say this is the artistic photography. No, no! It's all full of honey and sugar, not reality.

Take a look at our grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos. Dignity and seriousness.
These pictures of the grandchildren with tears, watched, touched, even after 50-60 years.

The now fashionable kitsch images are the serious emotions after a few years? "

Dear Oscar! It's so amazing to think that we can not answer. I shall return to the subject ...

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Irregular studio photography of a wedding photographers in the U.S.

 Whenever we can not take pictures in the studio. Greater attraction for us in the street world of spontaneous, exciting buildings and nature (who has photographed us know what I mean), the magic light of the setting Sun.

Sarah and Stephen their wedding held in Dallas (Texas). They want to improvise an unknown place. I will work very well if a little forward planner. Uncommon to find completely different exciting opportunity in detail.
 Of course, many times it happens that we stop somewhere to take photos, that does not make me (of course, in total secrecy) and when I lift the machine is enlightened: This is very good!

Helen and David in Atlanta held their wedding photography. Like so many pair this year, a special day intended for creative shooting. Unlike habit immediately we headed to a studio. I kidding that it is different than the rest of the studio and it is both, but is actually superfluous. Comply with the pictures speak for me ....

Visit him - before opening - the photobalance outdoor studio! There are so many options and ideas praises the imagination of artists, we must see!

Own business with confidence in the boundless imagination!

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Honeymoon and wedding photography destinations in the U.S. Tour.Jeremiah D. organizers and wedding photographers (Boston) says:Florida, of course, California ideal location for photography and honeymoon.
Wedding planning started to feel more like a chore instead of fun? Escape to consider the honeymoon! Choose a honeymoon destination that suits both of you, and what type of holiday you usually enjoy. If you like skiing and hiking, mountain is planning a honeymoon.If you want nothing more than to relax on the beach, a coastal town located in the United States and the Caribbean.Maybe you want a honeymoon is like a visit to Europe again. Or maybe that seems fantastic, it is destination city for a week full of great restaurants and nightlife. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find the perfect place!Caribbean Honeymoon.Do you want a place for romantic beach honeymoon? The Caribbean offers many opportunities to plan the perfect vacation. If you just want a quiet stay on the beach where you can relax on the sand, we have a lot of stations. We stations in other countries but for couples who want to visit a lot of fun fun activities, outdoor adventures and cultural experiences ...

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Look for our services!Some of Luxury Retreats offer activities that will take you into the air. The romantic hot air balloon trip is not forgotten. Or, a helicopter ride, where two more of the landscape from above. Stop for lunch in a nearby site, before returning to the center.Luxury Tropical Honeymoon ActivitiesScreams is none other than our own luxury cottage by the sea over the Bora Bora and Tahiti. If you tear yourself away from the white sandy beach and a relaxing patio deck, you can explore the other activities the islands offer. Whether you choose to dive or snorkel, jet-ski or water, this tropical paradise has to keep you entertained day and night luaus sports and nightlife to suit your style.

Wedding Photographers Detroit Wedding:

No emotion, only that it is a very good friend of mine, David A., who also excels in the field of wedding photography. He felt that the time had come and experience the feeling that you are in front of his camera many have lived.

Now the tables were turned, and esteemed colleague, John. H shooting was the big day.

John was left out of a good thing, because he was one of the witnesses. Disorder was on the other side of the camera.
02.15. 2013.  Michigan of 25 degrees F. This should be the ideal creative photos.
The velvety red sunset light, everything has forgotten what the temperature is concerned.

I think every photographer's desire to work with such beautiful light ....
I had no idea that this good will bear the terrible cold, which was accompanied by a strong northerly wind.

We wish you a lot of little belated happy!
Thank you very much for the honor that I could take pictures of my big day with you.

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A full-service wedding and portrait photography in Richmond.

Every entrepreneur seeks to grow their business, and in the vast and competitive world of professional photography, many smaller wedding and portrait specialists are finding new opportunities for growth through the advanced technology found in EOS digital SLR cameras, EF lenses, and image PROGRAF large-format printers from Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions.

Taking as an example the experience of one such entrepreneur, Stephen B. based in Richmond, Virginia, one sees a revealing “snapshot” of how grass-roots businesses can grow, empowered by new creative imaging options.

A full-service wedding and portrait photography business, Stephen B. Photography specializes in serving the unique needs of clients in West Central Virginia, many of whom seek to have the beauty and heritage of the area depicted in the cherished images the company creates.

While we do travel worldwide for a few ‘destination’ weddings each year, we have built our reputation on photographing weddings and families amid beautiful local settings, explained company president Stephen B ...

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With the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains all around, and acres of local vineyards for wedding receptions and events, there is no shortage of scenic settings in the Virginian landscape that.

Ps. avec plesir.
The wedding photographer in awe. There are people who hate Valentine's Day in the U.S..

There are people like that? Yes, it's weird ...

In Virginia, Leslie H. Message: I do not like Valentine's Day because it is artificial, labored. Only business interests. I live in Richmond, like my dear, I do not understand why this should be the year of a date is not expressed.

Alfre W. in Florida. I love every day of the year a couple of my weekly flowers greet. Valentine's Day is a stranger to the hysteria.

Eric C. (Dallas) says: I hate Valentine's Day because it forces you to give a gift to my love, and I hate to do this per day.

Chistie O. Pheonix wrote: I do not see why it should be a day appointed for the day of love is when you love every day of the day, if someone likes your partner. This day is just business.

Jennifer B. (Cleveland): I understand that irritated my partner for Valentine's day, but happily looking forward to this day something special surprise gift.

PS: Dear fellow man, do not forget about this day.

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Again, a few words about the artistic wedding photography, as my colleague sees New York.

Wedding photos is held, Tues Alice (New York) Review:

I'm writing from Seattle, because I was invited here. Then, the new order arrived Portland.

I am would like to know what you think of the portrait photography and wedding photography in relation to the U.S. I like it when the bride and groom have studio photo. In this case - the lights, the shadows setting - a real artistic visuals. These pictures show the point that 10-20-30 years from now the real face of the man portrayed. My favorite Barbara L. and Peter S. wedding photo was a true professional in Minneapolis who were model ...

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And now a bit of good "advertising".

Lush green scenery, rugged mountains and beautiful beaches provide many options for organizing a beautiful wedding locations in Oregon. Whether you dream of a rustic farm wedding, or a luxury hotel, a vineyard or a romantic experience, you're sure to find the perfect place where hold the wedding in Oregon.Entertain your guests with a number of outdoor adventures such as kayaking, rafting, golfing, fishing and hiking. Cycling is a popular mode of transport, as well as a unique opportunity to explore the natural environment. If you prefer the city life with your style, check out Margaret's dynamic mix of culture, arts, entertainment and beautiful scenery. Portland is the largest city in the state, and the culinary paradise, a number of special food. Local wine and beer are easy to find - Portland has the most breweries in the United States. Variety is everything beautiful Oregon wedding special and unique as each couple.

Well my dear Alice, who is now in Seattle are. Decide portrait photographer, wedding, or a nature photographer you are! My suggestion is to be exercised in all three arts.
Art, or a dream factory of wedding photography in the U.S..

I'm thinking a long time, what is more important is wedding photography course? Really artistic pictures, or pretty, but commercial display. Talking about this with my colleagues and with the bride, groom with.

Kim and Ray in Florida are preparing for the wedding. They say I do not care that the image is artistic or not. The point is that we do, and be nice to the environment. Images are framed and remind our children and grandchildren to their parents, grandfather and grandmother, happy, young.

Charlie F. Jacksonville-known and popular wedding photographer says:

For me the most important wish of the customer. I know that every bride and groom wish to be elegant, happy picture. They are important in my work to my knowledge, my conscience give your wedding pictures ...

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Robert A. be prepared for a wedding, bride named Mary, Utah. He tells Mary to prepare a surprise. Like to see the wedding pictures are unique, unusual, but, of course, be nice. To this end, Salt Lake City different characteristic locations selected. You want a wedding photographer who has his own opinion.

State of Idaho, Boise, Alan works in C, passionate wedding photographer. In his opinion:

Skilled photographers can make great wedding pictures, which is a standard. However, a picture which is really a reflection of reality, and the arts.

Minneapolis, Frank W. says:

I do not take a wedding photo shoot, whenever I serve. A truly authentic, pictures of art.

Well, you can see that very often do not match the customer's expectation and the photographer's vision. Therefore, a preliminary discussion, negotiation is needed.
Again, unusual wedding photography in the U.S.. Innovations to the gay and lesbian marriages?

Barbara N. Indiana sent a message to me.

Imagine recording an impressive moments of love as gay and lesbian wedding pictures made asking about the unusual circumstances known professional photographers. These examples - creative wedding portraits and new tricks - show that the traditional rules of wedding pictures to be renewed.

Said Edward F. (She works in Montana).

"What is appropriate Jannifer and Matthew (Chicago) may not work Kenneth and Fred, not to mention Andie and Jessica's wedding in San Francisco. Selected photographs before capturing we asked three simple but important question: Are these images are authentic? Are these the images reflect intimacy? There are pictures of them believable?
Every couple - straight or gay - an engagement and wedding portraits should be replaced by "yes" to all three questions. This combination of authenticity, intimacy and believability will be different for each pair, and a wide range of images of the same-sex couples to record shows love how colorful wedding portrait can and should, be."

Thomas K. (Cleveland) says:

 "Weddings are changing and photography-education needs to change. Wedding photographers, this can be a challenge to pose, and set up a wedding portrait in a way that truly reflects the uniqueness of each couple, especially if you have been trained to a certain set is the way they were designed for a man, or a woman ..."

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 William M. (Atlanta):

"We hope to inspire love recording all same-sex wedding photography in that truly capture the magic of a sort of present every couple's wedding day.In my opinion, a new approach is needed for unusual weddings".

This, however, learn to be a professional wedding photos high in the U.S. as well.
What should you do now? Learn Find out more about wedding photography in the U.S., we follow the useful links. What to do now?

Bryan W. A (Jacksonville) says:
Sarah B. and Ronald E. asking, New Mexico. Beautiful, memorable wedding you want, but economically.

Bryan (Jacksonville) more wedding planners, wedding photographers do not. But it should provide useful suggestions.
Relax and listen to the advice.

We are aware that the wedding planning may seem a priority. There are so many decisions to make and details to consider, it is difficult to know where to start. We recommend that you first take some time to look through pages of inspiration. Check out the galleries and blogs, Delightfully Engaged to figure out what styles you like, and what most wedding themes reflect your personality.

 Find a venue!
After seeing the optimal location of the wedding and the nearby guides are some ideas that we have available, look for them to find out an open recreational event occurred. Do not feel forced to choose a date that does not feel good. If you prefer to get married sooner or later you find another place to meet your desired location.

 Seek advice on etiquette and planning. In Santa Fe has an excellent organizers.
 Inevitably, you can find answers to questions, planning and etiquette guides. Often these types of questions become the most stressful planning of the wedding, but do not be afraid. More Articles find all the elements so well informed. For example, before you decide on the guest list and invitations, make sure you check out the best way to determine who is invited and how to properly handle any invitation ...

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Okay, so this is not the most fun part of wedding planning. But the fact of the matter is that everyone has the budget constraint of the event. So, to get help from their parents or footing the bill in its entirety before you begin the maintenance of manufacturers and placing deposits with clear expectations and guidelines for how much you plan to spend. Weddings are often more expensive than couples plan, so use real numbers when it comes to the budget. Use the budget tool to keep you on track. If you overspend in one category, you can seek the assistance of a careful counting.

After to look for a professional wedding photography. Headquarters are in Santa Fe New Mexico. Good luck.
Wedding Photography Today I write not, because the U.S. is much more important news Nemo.

Sandy is now the decade after Hurricane snow storm hit the east coast in New York and other states. Hundreds of thousands of households without power. Air and ground transportation paralyzed.

Reached the American coast from New York to Boston part of the massive snow storm. Northwest of Boston, 350 centimeters of snow fell in the north-eastern part of the State of Connecticut is almost the same amount. The north-eastern part of the country early Saturday morning, 350 thousand households and businesses were without power.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York State on Friday declared a state of emergency.

The Nemo 4300 flight was canceled because of the storm on Friday and Saturday, most of New York and Boston would have lasted, or struck out. The city's two airports were closed Friday afternoon.
According to meteorologists for decades snowstorms are dealing with the most serious people in the region. People were asked to stay at home. The storm nearly 25 million people.

In various parts of New York City is still reeling from the devastation Hurricane Sandy October last year. Snow and severe damage.

Warning! Prepare and defend.

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Browse Philadelphia Wedding Packages & Resorts wedding photography.

Tell a colleague, Tony R. (Maryland) call.

If you want a beautiful wedding location that is really the U.S., look no further than the Philadelphia wedding!

A truly original locations in the U.S.. Philadelphia is full of sites of national history. Visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the landscape of famous battles, such as Gettysburg and Valley Forge, experience the history ...

Once you and your guests can explore the city and chow down the Philly cheesesteak and some special Amish culture, look at the size of the big shopping centers.

Philadelphia also has a thriving theater community, and often the testing grounds supporting Broadway productions, see the game before it becomes mainstream!

Philadelphia wedding venues is easy to find a lot of museums, hotels, parks, inns. An ideal place to spend the day. Start planning your wedding in Philadelphia now!

Make your destination wedding planning easy. Philadelphia wedding vendors and ask for travel advice ...

Ps. I agree with Tony, but do not forget Arizona!

Continue your search for photographers database here:
I researched the Destination Wedding Venues & Resorts, the most popular locations for wedding photography.
The topic helped an old colleague and friend, Stephen W. for California, Julia L. Atlanta, Tues Arthur Jacksonville. They say.
It is important that the chosen locations and the location is ideal for the budget to be. Many resort specilized wedding venue, sellers assist you. So to simplify the design and find the perfect wedding venue or hotel for a special wedding day!
Top Destination Wedding Ideas:
Plan your event in a magnificent fairytale castles and magical ingrained in the single-upon-a-time history!
Plan a cosmopolitan adventure exciting nightlife, restaurants, cultural experiences, and a wonderful hotel!
Luxury destination wedding an unforgettable and lavish affairs. Find the perfect place for your elegant event!
Enjoy the sun and the waves on the beach destination wedding. Choose the perfect location.
Plan your dream wedding a rustic wedding held in mountains. We'll help you find the perfect location.
Top Wedding Destinations
Bora Bora:
Dive in the Pearl of the Pacific is the lavish resorts and bungalows glass bottom.
The endless beaches, vineyards, mountains, cities and elegant, this is the perfect entertainment.
Caribbean Sea:
Go to a quiet stay on the beach or experience the culture, entertainment and outdoor adventures.
Enjoy the rustic elegance and peaceful escape from the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.
Costa Rica:
Discover the endless beaches and jungles of Costa Rica, the adventure of a lifetime.
Fiji. Relax and fell in love with the beautiful, this island offers a great day!
 Discover the Hawaiian islands sandy beaches, lava flows, wild beaches and nightlife.
Key West
Explore the forests, wetlands and miles of crystal clear waters, vibrant marine life.
 Relax and have fun at the beach, explore the ancient cultures, and sip margaritas, fun and easy to stay.

New England:
Retreat to the pastoral charm of rugged coastlines, historic sites and vibrant atmosphere.
See you in the most beautiful locations.

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Wedding Photography in the USA, Arizona, Tucson, of the go-kart track.

Taken with particular spot, favorite fall makeup (Eve), the great day.

Arizona is one of the go-kart track was the home of creative photo navigation.

After Eve D. and Peter K., bride and groom also has a penchant for go-karting pleasure, there was no question what will be the venue for creative photo navigation ...

In February, can not be found, have been more specific and better place for a special series to prepare. The bride is the bridegroom live in Detroit, but the big cold to Arizona in February, settled in Tucson for three days.

You can work with a great pair. While shooting while we pursue the races on the track, as if they were not there.

We would like to thanks a lot for your help, and have fun on the day, guests can for your patience.

David P. in the video, she arrived in St Louis. The film has been made ​​to look happy.

You have to tell me your favorite in the States of Arizona just beautiful, mystical place. Are you interested in going back, again ...

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Wedding photography training seminars in the U.S.

More professional wedding photographer launches education. I like to recommend them.

Sarah B. in Pensylvania through March training.

Edward W. (New York City) is also launching a course in March.

Julia E. (Cleveland) teaches in April.

David E. Maine special education planning, wedding photography, and nature photography.

The courses aim to discuss the practical steps to help you develop and achieve your personal style of wedding photography. We also discuss photography techniques as well as topics such as major and lighting. The training covers a variety of other aspects of that photographers work and developed so that they are not overwhelmed, tired, and on the wedding day. Please note these seminars on techniques and styles of wedding photography, and the business and marketing seminars.

I can always learn, new techniques and tricks. You are encouraged to continuous learning. The best teacher, but in practice, it is not forgettable.

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Wedding photography outside the USA.

My old friend and colleague, Steven W. in California writes:

Hello, to all lovers of wedding photography, brides and grooms, and all admirers of your work. I would like to use this opportunity and many thanks to all current, past and future clients who rely on us for wedding photography. The majority of clients Florida, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon and Maine, California received.

I would also like to thank all of our fans are. The intention is to prepare images more special. They say that the year 2012 was interesting. But we already want to shoot some fabulous places in Europe to our destination wedding portfolio. That is what is desired. The new destinations in Greece and Switzerland, Italy. I'll keep exploring the world of wedding photography, already in some way, for 2013, other than the U.S. mainland.

Meryl T. and Hary C. Boston. Dreams, wedding photos in Paris, at the fotography of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.

Rachel T. and Richard G. Live in Cleveland. London want to prepare your photos for Tower area.

Olivia T. and Marc D. Rome and Venice from Atlanta, but want to take pictures.

I see a new fashion for the non-US preparation of wedding pictures. To me it's exciting, but definitely more preparation. Lucky that I love to travel ...

PS: Unfortunately, I was wrong yesterday my tips for the Super Bowl ...

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Today I do not write in wedding photography. Sorry. Topic: Harbaugh boys.

Everyone knows that wedding photography is my vocation. However, the real American football is my passion.

Richard T. from San Francisco writes. He is an old acquaintance of mine, a professional sports photographer.

Every parent's dream that their children are the best in the world and reach the summit together. When Jack and Jackie Harbaugh are now going to the Superdome in New Orleans, you know that the XLVII. Super Bowl is celebrated at the end. As the son of John Ravents Baltimore, San Francisco, 49 dealt with their son, Jim, as a coach.

Last year, the two teams are not in the American Football championship final game before the finals, which is why the loss of a family is not celebrated. This year, however, may be one of the strangest in the history of sports games will be at home finals Harbaugh brothers' Superbaugh ".

Dangerous sport. I will never forget what Ed Reed, Revenge of the defender said: All I can say, I just played my son not to play ...

My guess is that this year the winner of the California. Today we learn ...

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Summer memories of a U.S. winter wedding photographers.

Now winter vacation especially like to remember my wedding back in the summer, to the odd sensation are all unique wedding photo shoots. So memories of a wedding photographer from the U.S.

Ellenie S. (Ohio):

I do not really go back in time, only the end of July.

Oh, but let's start at the beginning. It was only in March was when I was invited by Sarah C. and Jonah W. wedding photo use, in Celeveland.
In a telephone conversation, I have the usual short time, followed by a personal meeting.

I've felt that they very special peoples. The others did not seem anything. Modest and were very friendly. But I felt a strange vibration in the air when they looked at each other as he talked about each other, with each other.

Every moment I felt the love between them, a strong bond, which is rarely seen in the son of man.

Seeing my pictures, my style, so for me I was asked undefined for the big day, photographer. Greatest pleasure.

I wanted to hide them, how much I want to take pictures of their happiness in his day, as well as the beautiful surroundings, a U.S. national park, or the Secret Yellowstone. Almost immediately I wanted to do the job, but had to wait for four more months.
Begun in the theoretical work. They are chosen venue and I found it. Definitely had to dominate the green, but it must be something else unique. Therefore chosen as the near Marquette.

Together we went on a Saturday morning. He walked to the unique beauty of each parameter and the location perfect. Meanwhile, almost became a friendship between us, which was now full!

Today's the day. Seven in the morning. We met with them, which quickly went to the hairdresser and make-up (no need to tell you how important a good make-up).
Of course, the machine is full of my neck and it did not constitute an idea of what they meant. I waited for the moment when I belevethetem work.

Back from makekup quick wardrobe changes, which has been very slow.
Jonah was longing for the first pictures.
Is not set, but spontaneous pictures, and it was characteristic of the whole day.

Already proven in, I knew this day on track. It's not a normal photography, but also a pleasure to photography at its best.

We enjoyed every minute of the common "work" in flash fired exposed to the machine, the jokes were flying, and countless kind words left the lips toward each other, of course, accompanied by a kiss ...

Dawn got home to three after of the long journey. Tired and packed full of special memories. I could not have a good night sleep, you can not see the pictures. Therefore, while finished my coffee until I downloaded the pictures and the pictures are already plums. Worth it!

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What is it that pleases a wedding photographer in the U.S.?

I asked well-known professional wedding photographers in Atlanta Depending Washington. What is it that pleases your wedding photography?

Robert B. (Albuquerque), the variety, the special and extreme situations. Says: I like it when the shooting challenge for me. It is important, however, the bride and groom belong together.

Eugen P. (Salt Lake City) is a traditional love photographing weddings. According to him, the really nice, forever memorable images from the traditional, classical wedding is about to shoot. Dignity and beauty of the event is to be plotted. A photograph of the wedding is not repeatable joy, holiness is able to record, and he was pleased with the young couple well.

Julia S. (Atlanta) says: I am talking about, I do not like. The new craze in the U.S. lasted in fast food restaurant wedding. I love the romantic photos to create a beautiful environment, beautiful and elegant dresses bride groom. I am happy if I can shoot that couples love each other, the true monument ...

Jonathan Sun (Dallas): I like the unusual situations. If the bride and groom open and brave. The wedding is to be at the top of mountains, valley, water, air, and all the memories so interesting.

So you can see that the behavior described here differ. Some that the customer's most important.

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