Each wedding photographer in the USA, manufactured kitsch?

Surprisingly, I got a message from Atlanta, he is a man called Oscar Wilde.

"I'm a professional photographer, and now I live in Denver. Wedding photography is sometimes called upon to be the most diverse U.S. cities from Washington to San Diego. In my opinion and experience is that of the wedding photographers produced kitsch. The fashion to sunset, sunrise lights, beach, white cliffs, desert, posing in pairs ...

They say this is the artistic photography. No, no! It's all full of honey and sugar, not reality.

Take a look at our grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos. Dignity and seriousness.
These pictures of the grandchildren with tears, watched, touched, even after 50-60 years.

The now fashionable kitsch images are the serious emotions after a few years? "

Dear Oscar! It's so amazing to think that we can not answer. I shall return to the subject ...

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