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Tell a colleague, Tony R. (Maryland) call.

If you want a beautiful wedding location that is really the U.S., look no further than the Philadelphia wedding!

A truly original locations in the U.S.. Philadelphia is full of sites of national history. Visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the landscape of famous battles, such as Gettysburg and Valley Forge, experience the history ...

Once you and your guests can explore the city and chow down the Philly cheesesteak and some special Amish culture, look at the size of the big shopping centers.

Philadelphia also has a thriving theater community, and often the testing grounds supporting Broadway productions, see the game before it becomes mainstream!

Philadelphia wedding venues is easy to find a lot of museums, hotels, parks, inns. An ideal place to spend the day. Start planning your wedding in Philadelphia now!

Make your destination wedding planning easy. Philadelphia wedding vendors and ask for travel advice ...

Ps. I agree with Tony, but do not forget Arizona!

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