Art, or a dream factory of wedding photography in the U.S..

I'm thinking a long time, what is more important is wedding photography course? Really artistic pictures, or pretty, but commercial display. Talking about this with my colleagues and with the bride, groom with.

Kim and Ray in Florida are preparing for the wedding. They say I do not care that the image is artistic or not. The point is that we do, and be nice to the environment. Images are framed and remind our children and grandchildren to their parents, grandfather and grandmother, happy, young.

Charlie F. Jacksonville-known and popular wedding photographer says:

For me the most important wish of the customer. I know that every bride and groom wish to be elegant, happy picture. They are important in my work to my knowledge, my conscience give your wedding pictures ...

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Robert A. be prepared for a wedding, bride named Mary, Utah. He tells Mary to prepare a surprise. Like to see the wedding pictures are unique, unusual, but, of course, be nice. To this end, Salt Lake City different characteristic locations selected. You want a wedding photographer who has his own opinion.

State of Idaho, Boise, Alan works in C, passionate wedding photographer. In his opinion:

Skilled photographers can make great wedding pictures, which is a standard. However, a picture which is really a reflection of reality, and the arts.

Minneapolis, Frank W. says:

I do not take a wedding photo shoot, whenever I serve. A truly authentic, pictures of art.

Well, you can see that very often do not match the customer's expectation and the photographer's vision. Therefore, a preliminary discussion, negotiation is needed.