Snow covers the Cloud Gate in Chicago IL. Ideal for shooting locations.

Amanda L. write in Madison, WI.

According to critics, the transition between worlds, symbolizing the tourists by Anish Kapoor bean plants shiny, shiny mirror-surface of location is also ideal for shooting. How will Chicago's most famous sculptures in the winter, after the overthrow of the city's 1935 snow wage records.

I see cracked the eggs like the Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor works in Chicago, the Millennium Park. See what it looks like in the winter and in the summer the Indian-born British artist statue, which is the best public art works to be among the number. Amazing photography possible ...

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I'm planning to Madison with a photo of their art exhibition in April, Wisconsin with my friends. They are David B. and Daniel G. Chicago and Madison.

The exhibition of the most beautiful nature photos and wedding photos we show you. Have you been negotiations and city officials support the plan.

The surrounding states, including Illinois also welcome work of arts.

I hope you will have success.