Each wedding photographer in the USA produces kitsch? Second.

Remember that not so long ago Oscar W. (California), the surprising statement astonishment for we: In fact, with today's fashion trends is full of honey and sugar, but not the truth.
Opinion received many reactions from colleagues wedding photographer. Let me quote a few observations:

Harry S. Albuquerque out indignantly writes:
The bride and groom so does the marriage, the wedding will be the best moment of their lives. The finished photographs reflect this. The young couple's happiness is confirmed by the environment.

Mary Anne G. (Baltimore) says:
In my opinion, Oscar soulless man who does not know the meaning of the wedding. Yes, the real "honey and sugar" if the bride and groom's wishes.

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Arthur Tues Celeveland from wrote:
I basically agree with Oscar. Yes, the reality is not true. The wedding photographer's task is to capture the truth. You can actually create something lasting. But this is art!

Jennifer B. Jacksonville sent out an e-mail to:
I'm no wedding photographer, I am newly married. I think a good photographer sees, and most importantly, it's important. The bride and groom to be correct, if you tell me ideas, but commits herself to the professional photographer.

PS: Now that's all, but still continue my opinions and I look forward to the debate.