C.W.P. In Columbus OH. Well, this title might be a little mysterious. But it's not!This is exactly how it sounds: Conscious Wedding photographer.Martha D. Enter Columbus in OH.What is this all about, and what does it? Happened sometime towards the end of last year, it is also a personal and professional esteemed colleague, Oliver N. from Cleveland, OH. decided to start a process, which is not common in our country for our wedding photographers.

The theoretical and practical course launched for any colleagues who think the change has been received. Willing to learn, willing to do what has always been in dire need of this profession: to pool, exchange information and experience, friendship.

Secrecy and envy instead of a lot of preparatory work, both theoretical and practical level, has produced a very useful curricula. It has to be pressed into the head of course it does not hurt, just opened her eyes closed.

Why is the plural? Because I know it was very useful not only for me but also to those colleagues with whom I've worn the gear, who have friends, a wedding photographer who stick together, discuss and discuss problems, successes. Share ideas, help each other and we see differently. Daily contact with, from Maine to New Mexico, and I believe the correct path ...

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Who shared with us all: Oliver N. (Wedding reporter) The high level of practical workshops raised Redl B.for Louisville, KY. photographer, unique vision, professional advice, and unique sense of humoruos. Jaksa Timi in Denver, CO who is a great photographer, both professionally and humanly exemplary colleague. (Time Pictures)Thanks to colleagues in this great four days we spend with them. Great people and excellent, dedicated photographers met.Now we will start the season and I know everything that I learned, learned about the quest is greatly affected. The C.W.P. Every minute spent in course useful and instructive, and I am glad I am proud to be part of this exceptional company.
Sincerely, Martha Damien.