An exotic Indian wedding in the U.S..Edward G. R. wrote enthusiastically in New York, NY. He is a professional wedding photographer.I wonder what the secret of a good wedding photos? I think the two most important components of the aesthetic and the message is. A good photo carries a message, tell a story appealing to the eye shape. So we do not need anything else than letting ourselves into a bundle of events, absorb absorb the atmosphere of the wedding, tune in to the emotional state of those present. Empathy with people as it does not seem to be a difficult task.

An Indian wedding is an emotional but just as colorful as its looks. Visually intoxicating you will probably have a fancy-colored splendor, but quickly understands that such sentiments rich culture of India as from the outside carries within it the throbbing emotion-cavalcade. But that's just the whole of the diversity of Indian music, gastronomy and traditional ceremonies.

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Sharimi Arajun and Bhitara (Jersey City, NJ) traditional Indian wedding, held in New York. It can not be conducted in one day, he plans to do that so quickly forget, the "short-range narrow-Civil".  Multi-day party should prepare both mind and stomach. The Mehndi ceremony precedes the wedding ceremonies, but instead of chippendale boys bride-henna paint. The family says goodbye to her pleasure Punjabi rhythms amid the young and blessing to the marriage.The wedding day is drawing ring, sand casting and happy, so instead of garlands, ritual songs, and tasty vegetarian dishes await us.Such a dense and varied events inspired by the photographer who is not convinced of the hunt better and better moments. No wonder, then, that we look forward to our next Indian wedding, because such a great experience colorful and fascinating culture and traditions perpetuate it to see it. And of course because we love Indian food!