Shocking wedding photography in a Pennsylvania prison.

Robert B. professional wedding photographer from Philadelphia, PA, writes:
Surprisingly, I received a commission prisoner serving a sentence in prison.

Jordan W. writes: I spend my nine year sentence in a prison in tax fraud. In May, I want my wedding duration kind, Sarah B. Permission to hold the wedding ceremony in the prison director. But the desire to be a real wedding in the wedding photographer take pictures. So please, we undertake the work ...

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I, Robert B. I'm confused. In these circumstances can be made ​​truly professional wedding photos? The question is whether the prison director allows you to shoot? It is obvious that only the prison chapel, but not in the prison. There was a case where it was in San Francisco for example.

On the other hand, I do not know whether I want this funny shooting. Interested in the challenge, but you're familiar with this environment.

Even thinking about, and inquire about the situation.
If I take, reports.