Dear brides in the US. Attention!

Arnold B. writes to me from Boston, MA. is a sweet, sentimental email.

Would love means something to us, wedding photographers?

I was thinking the other day why we do what we do. Our daily work is one of the most special part of a woman's life, and we are so grateful that the bride choose us to live with them in the most special day.

This idea Jana P. and Florian F. in Charlotte, NC. wedding came up.

We often think that everything run smoothly, you need to work with other amazing wedding service providers who think like us.

We decided to talk about one of my favorite people each month, and today we decided, Jack Clark and Eleny, two very talented in Detroit, MI. Wedding photographers based. We want to make sure that we run the timer to work with the photographer to arrive when all is running smoothly.
We would like to share with you about Jack and what ideas Wedding Bride with requests.
We love this shot that Ben has captured the action on the day of wedding girls that prepped and watched "Sex in the City".

The first monument of love: My Bride Story.

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But still, Eleny says: I'm a sucker for an emotional wedding, I have so many favorite story is difficult to pick just one, but how about a groom's story?

Josh H. Des Moines, IA. wrote a beautiful bride, Jasmine letter to be opened every milestone in their lives together, so Josch closed every letter that Jasmine is one of the grooms men had been delivered to him the morning of the wedding.
Needless to say, that the first letter must be open to the sun, and many tears of joy were shed.

Blogger postscript: Caution! Do not do something that you regret later.