Photography or filming? Wedding photographer questions.

Darcy G. Houston, TX. says.

I recently spoke in Boston, MA. colleagues and debating. A wedding photograph or film captures more? Matter in dispute.

When photographing or filming people is a common place on the body in a vertical line, horizontal line of the eye.

When shooting a moving subject, often follows the same pattern, most of the extra room that the person in front (as they move).

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Similarly, if you are shooting, he still does not directly opposite the camera, most of the extra space in front of the subject to be the vertical line that runs through the center of gravity is sensed.

I prefer to shoot like him, the moment once. The bride and groom made ​​for images in time.

However, large events, wedding dinners in practical shooting. A lot of people come and go, move, talk, dance, or just talking. In this case, the time should be shown by the events.

I think the event is determined by the device: a photograph, or film.