Oscar W. resumes. Each U.S. manufactured kitsch wedding photographer. 3.

Oscar W. From Florida can not stand criticism.

He says: Recently in Indianapolis, IN I photographed Ariadne B. and Alec W. wedding. I was amazed that the young couple how to imagine the most beautiful day of their life memories. Says the bride: me be the best. Groom to: elegant and masculine flies!

That's fine, that's what I want as a wedding photographer. But - honestly - it's impossible. They are ordinary people, but that does not matter ...

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Studio, and the pictures show the natural beauty of the average person because of the emotions of happiness and make them look beautiful.

The light and shadow settings, environmental cleanliness and beauty, but especially for the young couple's happiness freed beautiful. You do not have to sugar and honey. A beautiful and memorable, which is true!

Blogger postscript: I agree. But sin is not embellish the truth on such occasions.