Re: Any U.S. wedding photographer produces kitsch?

Oscar W. Florida responded to the earlier opinion of the reactions.

No wonder that many people do not agree with me. Despite this, I still maintain that, unfortunately, the wedding photography in the U.S. artistically worthless.

For example, let's Cristina C. Anchorage, AK blogg.

Whimsical, magical, do-it-yourself outdoor dinner exactly everything I wanted it to be, and so on. Colorful lanterns and string lights float up above this family get-together, and go-with-the-flow spirit of the bride and groom, the beautiful faces behind Luke Goodman Cinematography. I just love the images churned out. And speaking of pie, homemade desserts look down right sinful! If these images do not stop the cravings, more juicy morsels into the gallery ...

Sorry, but the wedding photos the dinner table should be prepared? We will remember a dinner?

Antony Tues Fichburg, MA. writes: I have the pleasure caused when the bride and groom happy. They will be happy if the wedding was beautiful, and happy, showing them pictures. What more?

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Donald Tues Jacksonwille, FL. It also does not agree with me.

He says: I do not care whether or not the artistic wedding photography. The point is to make the customer happy.

I, Oscar W. Miami, FL. by saying: I really memorable experience for the eternal image, which is a work of art. Nevertheless, of course, the wedding photographer must be made to the customer's wishes, when I accepted the job. But not all the work to be undertaken.