Wedding photography in the U.S., will continue to work. But what if I have more important things happening in the world?

Bryan S. Cincinnati, OH. worried over the U.S..

He writes: I'm a professional wedding photographer, I love my job. But now scares me the news:North Korea threatens disaster.  North Korea's missiles put into combat readiness.
So I have to run off in North Korea, Seoul.

Kim Jong Un ordered the strategic missile forces to be ready to strike at any moment their American mainland ...

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North Korea's military leader of a hastily convened meeting directed the strategic missile forces to make the technical preparations to attack the United States and South Korea. The KCNA news agency that Kim Jong Un the midnight meeting, told the generals, "in the light of developments considers that the time has come for a showdown for the U.S. imperialists."
Kim "signed the plan of the technical preparations are performed, and directed the strategic missile forces to be ready to fire, that at any moment swoop to work for the U.S. mainland and the Pacific bases, including Guam and Hawaii, and South Korea," - said the official news agency.

The decision is a direct antecedent of Pyongyang, the United States of two B-2 stealth bombers are deployed in a river on the Korean peninsula military exercises. The U.S. nuclear deterrence is considered an essential tool, two types of B-2 Spirit bomber MO U.S. federal states is difficult to get on, bomb-throwing and practitioners from different areas for South Korea. These machines were bombing practice for the first time in Korea.

Serious threat? Prepared for an attack in the United States?

Blogger answer: Dear Bryan! No need to worry. I think the U.S. government and army can protect us.