Why Alaska?

An experienced wedding photographer, Daniel K. Enter the e-Mal, for me.

Dear L.!

Accidentaly was a great experience, I shoot a wedding in Alaska, in Fairbanks.

Alaska each year more than 800 thousand tourists. This is due to the unique natural endowments. Among the many national parks, the unique fauna attract traveller.
The fifth stage in the world of extreme tourism, and in the U.S. in second place.

I made more beautiful sight pictures. The wedding pictures were great too, but fascinated by mysticism landscape.

The icy, snowy scenes reflecting the lights and shadows, the bright natural flora and fauna is fascinating ...

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I decided to stay here still and I shoot nature. Maybe it'll be after nature photographer?

PS: Dear Daniel! I respect the ,and understand. However, do not forget that the wedding photography and nature photography in two different trades.
Learn and gain experience in the new choice.

But the true art nature photography requires special tools and a lot of practice.