From Arkansas secrete a happy bride and the wedding photography experience.

Amanda, in Little Rock of happy bride writes: Jack (groom) and I are incredibly happy to have some of your closest friends and family is a part of the wedding.
From the beginning, we both wanted the wedding will be an intimate, yet fun, like a big family dinner outdoors. A little bit rustic, a bit strange, and a lot of DIY elements. We chose Little Rock, AR (Jack's home, where he grew up), a rustic country house, which is the most beautiful area and a cozy interior. This is such a fabulous feeling. I first said to have an outdoor wedding in Arkansas to get the time, a complete gamble! Question, relatives and friends in New Orleans, LA, to Miami, FL to whether they can travel?

The other thing that Jack and I wanted was to get as many things as we know ourselves, the help of others. This really was a team effort! I have all the flowers to my mother, sisters, and friends, I also painted and designed the invitations, signs, and programs, which included the Marauder's Map of reasons (like Harry Potter) The veterinary board markers, a nod to our love of fantasy and made of children's books, with the help of my cousin Lucy. Jack brewed their own beer, and our father purchased the wine.

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And it could not have been happier and excited that our friend Ivana G.phographer day (and helped me to do my hair!) And Herb Tues to "Wedding Photography Studio" Anchogare, AK. These two incredibly talented and creative people, and that they are there to enjoy the day with us was an honor and so much fun! One element that we knew that our wedding day was the music!

Well, it turned out beautifully and better than I imagined. But the best part was that the sun surrounded by people who love us most, and they support us. No matter how our wedding turned out, this would not matter, because it is so full of love around the brim! Thank you to all our family and friends to be there and celebrate with us!

Blogger's remark: behold! An successful wedding in Arkansas.