Part nature photographer wedding photographer? From Cincinnati, OH.

Bryan A.  in Ohio and Florida was also one of the best wedding photographers upheld. He actually recognized as one of the TOP TEN Ohio and Florida photographers several times. Bryan has been a professional photographer for over 15 years, and weddings are photographed by many states and two countries.
Bryan is next to a small group of photographers, holds the master photographer and photographic principles. Professional Photographers of America and is equivalent to the state of Florida.

That's why I was surprised when he wrote:

Was a wonderful experience when I made pictures of Frida and John Wedding in Columbus, OH at this time.

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In a small lake I photographed when a team from the lake gulls flew up behind the couple. Well done to the bride and groom, but the background of the rising seagulls wings were beautiful. The water shone all glittering in the light.

A fantastic picture was taken, I got a feel for nature photography. All wedding photography suggest that the natural environment.

 Of course, you must choose the right environment.