How do you like to work in the wedding photographers in the United States?

I asked a well-known professional wedding photographers Pheonix (AZ) and Boston (MA). What would you like your wedding photography?

David E says: I love the unique and extraordinary situations. I enjoy the photography challenge for me. It is important, however, the bride and groom together...

Eugenia. S. Boston, MA: I really love the traditional wedding photography I like. According to him, the truly beautiful, eternally memorable images from the traditional, classic wedding is about to shoot. Dignity and beauty of the event is to be plotted. A photograph of the wedding can not be repeated joy and beauty of capture, it is particularly important that the young couple is happy.

Mary W. Phenonix, AZ, says: I love the romantic photos to create a beautiful environment, beautiful and elegant dresses bride groom. I'm happy if I can shoot that couples love each other, the real memories.

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William B. Dallas, TX, quip: I love the unusual situations. If the bride and groom in an open and courageous. The wedding is to be at the top of the mountains, valley, water, air, and all the memories are so interesting.

So you can see that every wedding photographer is different, but it is certain that the customer comes first!