Jacksonville's dream of a young bride on wedding photography.

Debby M. (FL) in Jacksonville wedding held in June. Unusual or:

Since my childhood I am a fan of Michael Jordan, who has recently celebrated his 50th birthday. The wedding day is the best day of my life it really would be for the honor of the presence, and shared photos. Together with my fiancé, we decided to invite to the wedding.
Very, very happy we would be if we accepted our invitation. However, I know that there is little hope.

My Message for Debby:

Michael Jordan, the legendary 23-ast of the NBA All-Star Gala celebrating Houston, in February.
The Lord is nicknamed Air, 74-inch superstar in the 90s in eight years six championship led the Chicago Bulls, and all six finals he was elected to become the best in the duel. I do not really relevant: the Bulls in 1994 and 1995 would have been a champion if Jordan did not make 18-month detour into the world of baseball.

"I was always a basketball meant everything to me, through it I experienced the joy and the pain," - said the birthday boy, who had high school was not on the basketball team of North Carolina Wilmington, since it is only 71 inch was ...

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A few years later he was honored with the player in it, who made ​​it popular in the world of sport, even in the English football star David Beckham is selected him in the No. 23 jersey for Real Madrid.
Dear Debby! I think your dream will remain a dream, I'm sorry, but try. I wish you that beautiful on your wedding, your marriage will be happy. That's the point.