Scandal in the family! Wedding photography while in the U.S. a huge surprise. Atlanta, GA.

Edward J. wrote to me from Atlanta (GA):

I have not experienced anything like it. Family scandal, scandalous wedding.

Joanne B. and Robert H. I was commissioned photos of the wedding of use. The appointed time came to Chicago, IL. At first I thought, all right. Beautiful bride and groom's elegant, happy guests, prepared site. For shooting right environment ...

The curiosity of the wedding, the groom, who is respected business man 28 years older than the woman who weasel, but that does not mean anything. But when the ceremony started, I saw something goes wrong here. The bride is continually crying, upset ...

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When I had to answer whether to accept her husband was Robert, Joanna shouted, no, no! I do not love him, but Jeremy, his son. He loves me. Jeremy stepped forward and said, yes, that's right.
Forgive me father!

The invited frozen into ice. I myself, as a wedding photographer, I knew that this photography is not gonna happen. However, keep taking pictures along because I saw these photos are interesting to me.
Robert the groom wore a disciplined situation. He said: I'm not angry, just hurt my heart. I should have known!

I, Edward J. Atlanta, GA. I say that I have never seen a dramatic wedding.