An exciting wedding photo shoot in a criminal investigation, in Orlando, FL.

Amazing news that Naomi G. professional wedding photographer from Florida.

It's very exciting wedding photo shoot I did Brenda and Robert's wedding. But I do not want this to anyone.

After the wedding, garden party two hundred guests. Brilliant weather, beautiful surroundings, many upscale visitors. I eagerly taking pictures, running around here and there that all guests were prepared image.

When the party was over, it turned out to be more valuable to the customer lady missing jewel, necklaces and even bracelets and earrings as well. You can imagine how desperate the host. Immediately called the police.

The invited guests -relatives, friends, good friends - be not suspicious ...

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The police soon arrive, and began an investigation. Questioned everyone, but no one knew anything. At this point in the investigation, the success of which I offered to take pictures.
After viewing the picture turned out to be in the wedding party attended by two persons, whom no man knew, were not invited. They were identified. Turns out they're in Miami, FL came from known thieves.

In this way, the wedding photos releval using, the stolen jewelry has been circumvented.

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