In the U.S., wedding photography or filming the fashion? Photojournalist make a confession.

Jennifer L. came to my yesterday's post think that.She in Atlanta (GA), an experienced wedding photographer.
Why do we ask (photojournalist) wedding photographer for our wedding?
• The wedding photos are what remain tangible memories after the wedding, many years later, they may also be considered.
• The photojournalist a wedding photographer along with you on the big day, so capturing every moment of the wedding, from the wedding  preparatinon's party until the end.
• Not only can you tell us about the events of the day, but you can show it to anyone you know, children and grandchildren to see the story of your wedding.
• A photojournalist wedding photographers throughout the job to keep you up on the events, so you can be sure to capture various events.
• It will be a photographic moments that you did not even lose during your wedding, because you could not be everywhere during the day.
• A wedding photographer photojournalist more than 500 high-quality images in a full-day pass to wedding photography, this amount is only a dedicated specialist can prepare.
• A wedding photographer dozens of hours of post-production is done in the photos.
• The latest professional digital post-production and retouching techniques to improve the lot of wedding photos effect.
• Even in the traditional group photos will be higher quality images even if you prepare a wedding photographer.
• Thanks to digital technology was the wedding photos will never suffer a deterioration, in contrast to the film with photographs.
• A professional wedding photographer is orders of magnitude better quality shots than your friends / family members. Probably a friend of yours is always able to take pictures of the hands  give a SLR, but it is possible that the end result would be like if I sang a Lady Gaga number on the main stage ...
• If you have a friend / family member with machine something, you are at risk of photos, but be sure to go to a wedding photographer, so I have a spare of each photographer him.
• A wedding event for all different light conditions, how to take pictures of all the other events, these experiences only an experienced wedding photographer has photojournalist.
• Perhaps most importantly, most of the wedding photos taken Photojournalist style captured the emotions and moods, sweet moments and unrepeatable events. Its amazing to watch them later. Their value is priceless.

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