Someone discovered something again.Trash the Dress Photography wedding photography special, creative branch in US.

David A. in Denver, CO. enthusiastically recommend the services of the engaged couples.

I got a lot of experience in the field of wedding photography. From Washington to Albuquerque, NM. and from Detroit, MI, to Houston, TX. A new method was developed for the offer.

The point is that a wedding dress made ​​of images, which stand in direct contrast to the elegance and clothes are different from the choice of location celebrity churches. For this photo shoot, we recommend that after the wedding takes place, it does not matter when, for example, if the wedding dress is a bit dusty ....

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Creative and TTD photography sites: The wedding photo sessions during the long years with open eyes we walked across the U.S., so many exciting venues we can offer you - abandoned old castle, a run-down industrial area into a wild forest density, until - in extreme and thus the traditional settings towards more original and exciting imagery to create. Of course, the nice places for you in a primary!

As the wedding day anyway very busy, tiring and stressful, so we used to propose, where possible, to the creative and TTD photo shoot - which is worth at least 3 hours attention - preferably one or two days of the Great your Sun before, but even better after the wedding because it is much more relaxed in front of the camera stand.

PS: Dear David A.! Did you read Oscar W. views on the dangers of wedding photography?