Wedding Photography in the USA, Arizona, Tucson, of the go-kart track.

Taken with particular spot, favorite fall makeup (Eve), the great day.

Arizona is one of the go-kart track was the home of creative photo navigation.

After Eve D. and Peter K., bride and groom also has a penchant for go-karting pleasure, there was no question what will be the venue for creative photo navigation ...

In February, can not be found, have been more specific and better place for a special series to prepare. The bride is the bridegroom live in Detroit, but the big cold to Arizona in February, settled in Tucson for three days.

You can work with a great pair. While shooting while we pursue the races on the track, as if they were not there.

We would like to thanks a lot for your help, and have fun on the day, guests can for your patience.

David P. in the video, she arrived in St Louis. The film has been made ​​to look happy.

You have to tell me your favorite in the States of Arizona just beautiful, mystical place. Are you interested in going back, again ...

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