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"Shadow and Light" Photography Amanda W. (Baltimore). He is a veteran wedding photographer offers digital photography classes Studio Amanda Heros Road begins on March 2, Saturday.

Michael A. in Maryland freelance photographer, has extensive experience in photojournalism and commercial, wedding, portrait and art photography. He received many awards for professional organizations such as the Photographers Association, the Florida Press Association and the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association.

He has worked at The Miami Herald, The Vero Beach Press-Journal, The News-Journal and The Delaware State News, and her work has been other magazines.

In addition, he taught photography at Wesley College in addition to teaching.

She offers courses for students photo recording signal, especially in basic and advanced techniques of digital photography. Instruction includes the proper exposure using the camera's shutter speed and f-stop, and the art of editing. Students will learn how to best edit your photos in a photo of what a great view. Each course includes two studio and three outdoor classroom sessions.

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The conclusion of the course, students will present an exhibition of the best photographs of the community will be public.

The tuition may be interested in Michael blogger.For Baltimore on the other hand Amanda's studio.