An enthusiastic beginner in Florida wedding photographer.

Eve T. who is living in San Francisco, writes:

I was Andreas S. During school (Santa Monica), which defined the last pictures, and a whole new style of my creative photography, the participants in eternal friendship.

This year, changes in photography, my little my needs fulfilled the interview-like images (fotojurnalist), which is much more work, but much more pleasure when I see the final product.

With all one' s might brightness completely switched to fixed optics. So "labbzoom" always in all circumstances. The plus traveled, make up the images on the monitor in front. Nothing can not be compared to the quality.

I started shooting in the studio, which is not only a studio pictures, girls, ladies, kids shooting virtually anywhere.

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Anticipated, exciting year of our will. The wedding has been committed and exciting look. The sites are so creative daring places too. But this will, once completed, will surely post a few lines polyols. We will not be bored for sure. We are learning and developing ourselves.

I'm happy for your success Eve, but the spring has come! I was buried in the snow here in Florida. Help!