Another disaster in the U.S.? Not happen weddings.

Damien mean in Dallas:

Lightning and snow storms Paralyzed traffic in the United States on Thursday in the central region. The judgmen-time of about 60 million people in 20 States, with almost 2 million square kilometers.
In many places in the area remaind closed to public offices and schools.

Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois, now dressed in white. Dodge City, Kansas Board of around 46 inches of snow. Jay Nixon, Missouri governor of the state of emergency in the 25-inch, sloppy snow cover.

Emergency is in Kansas City, Missouri, where the airport was closed in 1912 not seen since the snow storm intensity, Which is 30 inches of Precipitation can. Military flights been canceled in St. Louis, Dallas / Fort Worth, Chicago and Denver are the airports. A thin layer of snow Has Been Reported in Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California Deserts as well ...

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While the snow storm in the North-North and South Dakota are heading south, Arkansas and Missouri icy, sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms with Tornadoes embittered the lives of local people. The Torrential Rains will continue on Friday.

The judgment on the number of traffic accidents Caused by an Oklahoma teenager were killed. North of Arkansas School Bus slides off the road, Three Injured students.

I apologize that i am not writing today is wedding photography. I Understand the anxiety.