There is no black and white wedding photography in the U.S.

Edward S. says Baltimore (Maryland):

There was a time when I thought exactly the same way: I never take pictures in black and white, not my thing. That said, once, a long time ago he even admitted that the digital images do not change. These principles, once confidence is now gone.

Experimentation born and move forward! I admit is very fond of black and white photos. But the colors are kept close to my friendship, and sometimes a decisive point in the color scheme aims to ensure that the image of the observer heart!

Well, Oscar W. (Florida) has been said, all of the wedding photos trash can comment rating opinion has only just be myself no space ...

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Mary Anne D. Houston writes:

This year has been a lot of preparation or wedding series too! They met fantastic people, thank you. I can not get enough of the experience when I listen to two people, enjoying their confidence, I can be a part of the fun.

All kinds of dogs and cats we had an adventure also Rosalie and Robert W. Denver rushed into the picture when shooting in a mood to make friends dog.

Barbara, San Diego homes for the kittens while shooting me hiding expressed sympathy and gratitude, patience and defies models wore the cameras clicking.

Long live the colors! "Oscar Wilde" has a message for, you are wrong. Which is nice, is not kitsch.

Ps Dear Oscar from California or Florida. If you manage to dig out from under the snow, the answer spoken opinions. I tell you my opinion tomorrow.