Wedding Photography Today I write not, because the U.S. is much more important news Nemo.

Sandy is now the decade after Hurricane snow storm hit the east coast in New York and other states. Hundreds of thousands of households without power. Air and ground transportation paralyzed.

Reached the American coast from New York to Boston part of the massive snow storm. Northwest of Boston, 350 centimeters of snow fell in the north-eastern part of the State of Connecticut is almost the same amount. The north-eastern part of the country early Saturday morning, 350 thousand households and businesses were without power.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York State on Friday declared a state of emergency.

The Nemo 4300 flight was canceled because of the storm on Friday and Saturday, most of New York and Boston would have lasted, or struck out. The city's two airports were closed Friday afternoon.
According to meteorologists for decades snowstorms are dealing with the most serious people in the region. People were asked to stay at home. The storm nearly 25 million people.

In various parts of New York City is still reeling from the devastation Hurricane Sandy October last year. Snow and severe damage.

Warning! Prepare and defend.

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