Summer memories of a U.S. winter wedding photographers.

Now winter vacation especially like to remember my wedding back in the summer, to the odd sensation are all unique wedding photo shoots. So memories of a wedding photographer from the U.S.

Ellenie S. (Ohio):

I do not really go back in time, only the end of July.

Oh, but let's start at the beginning. It was only in March was when I was invited by Sarah C. and Jonah W. wedding photo use, in Celeveland.
In a telephone conversation, I have the usual short time, followed by a personal meeting.

I've felt that they very special peoples. The others did not seem anything. Modest and were very friendly. But I felt a strange vibration in the air when they looked at each other as he talked about each other, with each other.

Every moment I felt the love between them, a strong bond, which is rarely seen in the son of man.

Seeing my pictures, my style, so for me I was asked undefined for the big day, photographer. Greatest pleasure.

I wanted to hide them, how much I want to take pictures of their happiness in his day, as well as the beautiful surroundings, a U.S. national park, or the Secret Yellowstone. Almost immediately I wanted to do the job, but had to wait for four more months.
Begun in the theoretical work. They are chosen venue and I found it. Definitely had to dominate the green, but it must be something else unique. Therefore chosen as the near Marquette.

Together we went on a Saturday morning. He walked to the unique beauty of each parameter and the location perfect. Meanwhile, almost became a friendship between us, which was now full!

Today's the day. Seven in the morning. We met with them, which quickly went to the hairdresser and make-up (no need to tell you how important a good make-up).
Of course, the machine is full of my neck and it did not constitute an idea of what they meant. I waited for the moment when I belevethetem work.

Back from makekup quick wardrobe changes, which has been very slow.
Jonah was longing for the first pictures.
Is not set, but spontaneous pictures, and it was characteristic of the whole day.

Already proven in, I knew this day on track. It's not a normal photography, but also a pleasure to photography at its best.

We enjoyed every minute of the common "work" in flash fired exposed to the machine, the jokes were flying, and countless kind words left the lips toward each other, of course, accompanied by a kiss ...

Dawn got home to three after of the long journey. Tired and packed full of special memories. I could not have a good night sleep, you can not see the pictures. Therefore, while finished my coffee until I downloaded the pictures and the pictures are already plums. Worth it!

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