The wedding photographer in awe. There are people who hate Valentine's Day in the U.S..

There are people like that? Yes, it's weird ...

In Virginia, Leslie H. Message: I do not like Valentine's Day because it is artificial, labored. Only business interests. I live in Richmond, like my dear, I do not understand why this should be the year of a date is not expressed.

Alfre W. in Florida. I love every day of the year a couple of my weekly flowers greet. Valentine's Day is a stranger to the hysteria.

Eric C. (Dallas) says: I hate Valentine's Day because it forces you to give a gift to my love, and I hate to do this per day.

Chistie O. Pheonix wrote: I do not see why it should be a day appointed for the day of love is when you love every day of the day, if someone likes your partner. This day is just business.

Jennifer B. (Cleveland): I understand that irritated my partner for Valentine's day, but happily looking forward to this day something special surprise gift.

PS: Dear fellow man, do not forget about this day.

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