The Mail on wedding photography in the U.S. is difficult to Saturday.

Al B. wrote to me from Chicago. Complaint, the weekend checked mails do not reach the finish line. Why, I ask.

The Saturday service at the end of a bad omen, said: "This will start a downward spiral I shrink from the service with anything. I can not believe the American public is ready to put an end to something that's been with us since the beginning of this nation. '

Before actually Ben Franklin was appointed the first postmaster, in 1775, the second Continental Congress.

Now, at the end of Saturday delivery may be the single biggest retreat even from the level of the postal service that generations of Americans have become accustomed.

"I do not see a huge practical consequences, but also a symbolic move, I can not think of anything else like this," said David, a Detroit professor who has studied the history of the postal service, and in his youth worked on vacation is a post office in his hometown of Detroit.

Saturday mail service has been dropped, in other countries, and that life on this day will go without the United States?

But it's a little weird to come home in the afternoon run in the park or exercise in the gym and hope to any mail - the financial statements, whether an account - waiting for him.

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Such is life in the digital age. The Fort Collins, Colorado, Hanah Riche, who identified himself as a 37-year-hats custom pin maker relies on the internet for routine correspondence once conveyed by mail.

"I say, give them a good day," said the letter carriers (most of them had murder in their reaction to the day's news.) "Man is still five days."

Contributing: David D, Greenville (SC) News. The wedding preparations are not only people five days a week, but also requires the weekend.