Again, unusual wedding photography in the U.S.. Innovations to the gay and lesbian marriages?

Barbara N. Indiana sent a message to me.

Imagine recording an impressive moments of love as gay and lesbian wedding pictures made asking about the unusual circumstances known professional photographers. These examples - creative wedding portraits and new tricks - show that the traditional rules of wedding pictures to be renewed.

Said Edward F. (She works in Montana).

"What is appropriate Jannifer and Matthew (Chicago) may not work Kenneth and Fred, not to mention Andie and Jessica's wedding in San Francisco. Selected photographs before capturing we asked three simple but important question: Are these images are authentic? Are these the images reflect intimacy? There are pictures of them believable?
Every couple - straight or gay - an engagement and wedding portraits should be replaced by "yes" to all three questions. This combination of authenticity, intimacy and believability will be different for each pair, and a wide range of images of the same-sex couples to record shows love how colorful wedding portrait can and should, be."

Thomas K. (Cleveland) says:

 "Weddings are changing and photography-education needs to change. Wedding photographers, this can be a challenge to pose, and set up a wedding portrait in a way that truly reflects the uniqueness of each couple, especially if you have been trained to a certain set is the way they were designed for a man, or a woman ..."

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 William M. (Atlanta):

"We hope to inspire love recording all same-sex wedding photography in that truly capture the magic of a sort of present every couple's wedding day.In my opinion, a new approach is needed for unusual weddings".

This, however, learn to be a professional wedding photos high in the U.S. as well.