Wedding Photographers Detroit Wedding:

No emotion, only that it is a very good friend of mine, David A., who also excels in the field of wedding photography. He felt that the time had come and experience the feeling that you are in front of his camera many have lived.

Now the tables were turned, and esteemed colleague, John. H shooting was the big day.

John was left out of a good thing, because he was one of the witnesses. Disorder was on the other side of the camera.
02.15. 2013.  Michigan of 25 degrees F. This should be the ideal creative photos.
The velvety red sunset light, everything has forgotten what the temperature is concerned.

I think every photographer's desire to work with such beautiful light ....
I had no idea that this good will bear the terrible cold, which was accompanied by a strong northerly wind.

We wish you a lot of little belated happy!
Thank you very much for the honor that I could take pictures of my big day with you.

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