Wedding photography outside the USA.

My old friend and colleague, Steven W. in California writes:

Hello, to all lovers of wedding photography, brides and grooms, and all admirers of your work. I would like to use this opportunity and many thanks to all current, past and future clients who rely on us for wedding photography. The majority of clients Florida, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon and Maine, California received.

I would also like to thank all of our fans are. The intention is to prepare images more special. They say that the year 2012 was interesting. But we already want to shoot some fabulous places in Europe to our destination wedding portfolio. That is what is desired. The new destinations in Greece and Switzerland, Italy. I'll keep exploring the world of wedding photography, already in some way, for 2013, other than the U.S. mainland.

Meryl T. and Hary C. Boston. Dreams, wedding photos in Paris, at the fotography of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.

Rachel T. and Richard G. Live in Cleveland. London want to prepare your photos for Tower area.

Olivia T. and Marc D. Rome and Venice from Atlanta, but want to take pictures.

I see a new fashion for the non-US preparation of wedding pictures. To me it's exciting, but definitely more preparation. Lucky that I love to travel ...

PS: Unfortunately, I was wrong yesterday my tips for the Super Bowl ...

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