Your dream wedding photographer, occurs from Louseville, KY.

Stanley R. undertake wedding photography, filming the entire state of Kentucky is a professional wedding photographer. He says:

My partner and I founded the three "Golden Rain Wedding Photographers" in the company of Louisville.

Your dream wedding will be really perfect if we make it to the wedding photography and cinematography. In fact, when the Louseville of your wedding day is over, and the pleasant moments have become a monument of wedding photography allows you to relive those moments, long after the details are forgotten.

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In traditional photography, journalistic or artistic portraits wedding, best wedding photographers are here to make the bride the most timeless memories of special day!

Bertha M. and John B. Lexington opinion of our work, here it is:

I can only say the "Golden Rain" activity for the best. Very discreetly, but definitely worked. In all the important moments chronicled. Joy to look at ourselves and our guests. Congratulations!

Blogger's comment: I congratulate you, I hope other young couple is happy!