Oscar W. Denver, CO Wedding Photographer sound again and anxious. The debate continues.

He writes:

Each wedding photographer in the USA, manufactured kitsch? So I started into the blogg entry. Now, another argument started between the U.S. wedding photographers: what is beautiful and what a great wedding photos.

Remains strong opinion that is not a good photo, it will not be too memorable, artistic, so beautiful photograph.

I'm a professional photographer, now living in Denver,CO. Sometimes invited to wedding photography is the most diverse U.S. cities from Washington, DC, to San Diego, CA. In my opinion and experience to produce kitsch wedding photographers. The fashion to sunset, sunrise lights on the beach with white rocks, desert, posing in pairs ...

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They say this artistic photography. No and no! It's all full of honey and sugar, not reality.
Let's look at our grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos. Dignity and seriousness.
These pictures of the grandchildren tearfully touched watching after 50-60 years.
The now fashionable kitsch images which are serious emotions after a few years? Nothing but a garden party, like any other.

Dear colleagues may decide you are artists or craftsmen.

Blogger's comment: Dear Oscar! I have repeatedly argued, but your opinion respecting hold. You can understand colleague. Most wedding photographers, the groom and the bride is the wish of the essence, not the wedding photographer. Wake up!