We can not stay away wedding in California because of the terrible heat up as prepare for the wedding photos.

We know the news: a dozen people were treated for dehydration and dehydration states in the western United States, for which extreme heat wave struck. One person died because of the heat.Record high temperatures were measured in the western U.S. states of California, 120 F, which has only two degrees short of the highest temperature observed so far. Heat alert has been issued, a dozen people were hospitalized. An outdoor concert had to be more than 34 people.

A Las Vegas man was found dead in his house. The AP news agency that it died from the heat exacerbated the disease. Air-conditioned "cooler" place have been established in California, Nevada and Arizona as well. The heat is expected to last several days, many fear that wildfires occur.

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I'm a wedding photographer and video in California.I live 5 years ago of California's hottest area (Central Valley), and a 85-95 F. I did not even degrees. However, I do not go anywhere during the day, if you do not have to, late-night shopping is something I'm going 24/7 shop for a few years now I have had that sour milk by the time I got home.Must adapt to the circumstances. So the wedding is retained, but in a confined space where well-tempered. Unfortunately, now living in nature can not be photographed. I fear that there will be another bushfires.

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If you can not remember: One of the many clever NASA scientists think it is, what it is doing in the industry. In the U.S., higher CO emissions than anywhere else on earth.

Ruth R. Also wedding photographer from Spokane, WA information:What you'll freeze to death! A week in the morning is 45 degrees during the day is good to 65 degrees F, the temperature warms. Why not be distributed in proportion to the temperature?